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44 rebel returnees earn Php 77k from BFAR-SAAD’s tilapia grow-out culture project

PANTUKAN, DAVAO DE ORO, February 17, 2022 – Composed of 44 members, Honorary Maligaya Mahogany Farmer’s Association (HOMMAFA) in barangay Tagugpo, Pantukan, Davao de Oro earned Php 77,285 from Tilapia Grow-out Culture Project provided by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources – Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program in 2021.

HOMMAFA is a group of rebel returnees organized by the 66th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army on November 3, 2018, to formally welcome them to mainstream society. As an organization, it will be easier for them to receive government livelihood assistance.

In 2021, the group residing in one of Davao de Oro’s End Local Communist Armed Conflict (ELCAC) areas, was chosen as a SAAD beneficiary.

The project package worth 255,532 provided to them includes two units of fishcage each measuring 200 cubic meters, 10,000 tilapia fingerlings (for first and second cycle), 77 bags of feeds, 1 banyera, 2 units of styrofoam, 1 unit of digital weighing scale, 1 unit of heavy-duty weighing scale, and 1 set of sampling paraphernalia.

Prior to the delivery of the inputs, the members were trained on tilapia grow-out culture and management in freshwater fishcage.

Growing tilapia in Fish Cages

First Cycle 

The group simultaneously stocked 2,500 tilapia fingerlings for each fishcage on August 4 and September 9.

After four months of the culture period, the first cage provided them 416 kilograms (kg) total harvest, 334kg were sold at Php 130/kg and 82kg were shared by the members for consumption (Table 1).

While for the second cage, 331.5 tilapia was harvested, 260.5kg were sold at Php 130/kg bringing in Php 33,865 gross income, and 71kg were taken for food consumption (Table 1).Table 1. HOMMAFA tilapia production income

Fish Cage Stocking Date
Harvest Date Stocking Density Total Harvest
Total Sold

Gross Income

1 August 4 December 23, 2021





2 September 9 February 11, 2022










The income from their first cycle was saved for the third cropping expenses since the program’s assistance is only good for two fish operations.

Second Cycle

For its next operation, the group already stocked each cage with 2,500 tilapia fingerlings in February 2022 and expects harvest after three to four months’ culture period of the fish. ###


Danica May Silva, Davao de Oro Area Coordinator
Jennifer Valcobero, SAAD NPMO Public Relation and Communications Officer

Source: Ramonito Cabasan Jr., Area Coordinator

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