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50 banana growers receive 10,000 Cardava suckers

SULTAN KUDARAT, December 3, 2021 – Fifty (50) banana growers in Sultan Kudarat received 10,000 Cardava suckers to cover 16 hectares (ha) from the Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program to sustain their livelihood.

The inputs provided on November 25 are under the FY 2021 Integrated Cardava with Vegetable and Poultry Production project, amounting to Php 742,500.

The recipients, who are members of the Makat Peace and Development Volunteers and Workers Association, were already provided with fertilizers (urea and complete), pinakbet seeds, sprayer (battery-operated), sprinkler, rake, trowel, shovel, and bolo as components of the project in August.

The project will help the group improve the productivity of their banana farms which have an area of at least 0.5-1ha per farmer.

Each member will plant 200 banana suckers which takes a year and four months for its fruits to be ready to harvest.

Meanwhile, the pinakbet seeds have already provided them garden-fresh vegetables, which helped in reducing their monthly food bill.

Table 1. Makat Peace and Development Volunteers and Workers Association interventions received from SAAD


Unit Cost (Php) Quantity

Total Cost

Cardava 35.00 10,000 suckers 350,000.00
Urea 1,000.00 100 bags 100,000.00
Complete 1,000.00 100 bags 100,000.00
Pinakbet Seeds 150.00 250 packs 37,500.00
Sprayer (Battery Operated) 4,000.00 10 units 40,000.00
Sprinkler 350.00 50 units 17,500.00
Rake 600.00 50 units 30,000.00
Trowel 300.00 50 units 15,000.00
Shovel 700.00 50 units 35,000.00
Bolo 350.00 50 units 17,500.00
Total Project Cost 742,500.00

The turnover activity was led by SAAD Sultan Kudarat team leader Normohamad Lembak together with the provincial staff, joined by Municipal SAAD Focal Person Wilson Pedregrosa and Agricultural Technologist Von Henry Maturan. ###


Writer: Aisa L. Tina, SAAD 12 Information Officer
Copy Editor: Jennifer A. Valcobero, SAAD National PR and Comms Officer

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