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DA-SAAD Kalinga expands area for swine repopulation program

KALINGA, November 3, 2021 – The Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program in Kalinga identified eight additional barangays for the 2021 swine repopulation program aimed at stabilizing hog population and supply in the province.

The province currently serves 9 barangays for the SAAD Swine Repopulation Program (Balbalan Proper, Dao-angan, Maling, and Mabaca in Balbalan, Mabaca in Tanudan, and Pugong, Cagaluan, Guina-ang and Malucsad in Pasil). The additional barangays are, namely: Lower Uma in Lubuagan; Balenciagao Norte in Pasil; Balbalasang, in Balbalan; San Quintin, in Rizal; and Ambato, Mallango, Belong, and Ngibat, in Tinglayan. In total, the repopulation project is now serving 17 barangays in Kalinga.

The community orientation commenced on October 20 in Brgy. Lower Uma and Balenciagao Norte followed by Balbalasang and Ngibat. The other four areas’ orientation will follow a week after.

In Lubuagan, Municipal Agriculturist Charlie Osdeg briefed the participants on the background of the program in the municipality.

SAAD staff Charity Sibayan oriented the participants about the Program and its guidelines on beneficiary selection. Guidelines emphasized that the project – swine repopulation – is for the existing reared swine and only consists of feeds, biologics inputs, and training, not swine stocks.

The swine repopulation seeks to prevent the spread of the African Swine Fever (ASF) virus and increase the number of hogs in areas by providing feed supply good for one cycle to 10 existing sows in the barangay. In return, the selected 10 beneficiaries are to roll over two piglets each to the 20 next-in-line beneficiaries.

“Mapaadu nga sigurado ti babuy ditoy barangay mi ta gasem jay 20 nga ma-pass-onan aggapu ti 10 nga umuna nga beneficiaries. Mabalin kamin tun agsupply iti sabali nga barangay ditoy Lubuagan nu mapadpaadu mintu pay (The hogs will surely be repopulated here in our barangay with the 20 households to receive piglets from the first 10 beneficiaries. We can then supply other barangays here in Lubuagan after we further increase their number),” Catalina Gumilam, a participant, shared her sentiments about the project brought to their area.

In Balbalan, an End Local Communist Armed Conflict (ELCAC) area, representatives from the Armed Forces of the Philippines also attended the orientation in Brgy. Balbalasang to show support.

The SAAD team also started long listing prospect beneficiaries in the four areas which are for validation with the help of respective barangay local government unit staff. ###

Writer: Sheena Phine B. Pisco-Dayagon, Information Officer – Kalinga

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