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Two FAs from Sultan Kudarat accumulate Php 604K from corn project

SULTAN KUDARAT, October 27, 2021 – Two farmers’ associations (FA) from Sultan Kudarat recorded a gross income of Php 604,445 after selling 48,943 kilograms (kg) of corn, priced at Php 11-15/kg.

The Napnapon Corn FA and Malegdeg FA are beneficiaries of the Department of Agriculture (DA) – Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD)’s FY 2021 Integrated Corn Production with Poultry and Vegetable Project.

Napnapon Corn Farmer’s Association (NCFA)

NCFA harvested 14,743kg of corn from the 14 hectares (ha) consolidated area of the group. The commodity was priced at Php 15/kg and sold for Php 221,145 on October 6.

The group, which has 50 members, is from barangay Napnapon, Palimbang which received Php 835,000 worth of agricultural inputs in May. The interventions include 100 bags of corn seeds, 100 bags of urea fertilizer, 100 bags of complete fertilizer, 250 packs of pinakbet seeds, 50 shovels, 50 bolos, and 50 hand trowels.

In a consolidated report, the group delineated their individual harvests, after planting the corn seeds in succession from May to July.

A quarter of their income is allocated for buying new corn seeds for the next cropping and three-fourth is shared by the members.

Malegdeg Farmer’s Association (MFA)

Twenty-five members of the MFA accumulated a gross income of Php 383,300 after selling 684 sacks of corn harvested from a 14ha total production area (consolidated) on October 2. Each sack weighed 50kg priced at Php 11-15/kg.

The group received 50 bags of hybrid corn seeds, 50 bags of complete fertilizers, 50 bags of urea fertilizers, 5 units of knapsack sprayer, 125 head of muscovy ducks, 125 packs of pinakbet seeds, 50 shovels, 50 bolos, and 50 hand trowels in May.

The group shared they will use the earnings to buy new corn seeds for the next cropping to sustain the project.

They also want to share their knowledge on integrated corn farming which they acquired from a training provided by the DA-SAAD prior to the distribution of inputs.

MFA envisioned to help the farmers in their community to venture in corn farming as this will not just help them put food on the table but also provide a source of income. ###


Writer: Aisa Tina, SAAD 12 Regional Information Officer

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