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Woman farmer earns Php 52K from chicken production project

A farmer and a housewife with four kids, Annaliza Dibaratun, attested she is now earning an average of Php 6,000 monthly from selling eggs, two years after she received the chicken production project from the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program.

Annaliza is a resident in Purok 4, Sapad, Lanao Del Norte who’s making ends meet through her little income from a sari-sari store and her husband’s honorarium as barangay councilor.

She is a member of the Malasalug Farmers Association (MFA) which was registered in the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) on June 4, 2012. The group started at 27 and presently expanded to 100 members, of which most are tenant farmers.

SAAD Region 10 provided the livelihood under the Php 7.7 million-worth Integrated Agricultural Livelihood Project to the following: chicken to 22 members of the group, carabaos to 30 members, goats to 26 members, and cattle to 22 members in December 2019.

As a beneficiary of the chicken production, Annaliza received 48 chickens, a chicken cage, 6 bags of chicken feeds, 48 egg trays, three plies of nipa, two plies of rattan, two plain sheets, four pieces of lumber, two boxes of nails, and a bottle of antibiotic-long acting water solution. All amounts to Php 74,696.

Project Implementation

From the day Annaliza received the poultry, she followed the technical procedures of properly feeding the chicken, supplying the right amount of feeds and vitamins, providing antibiotics when there are signs and symptoms of bird flu, and keeping them away from noise and distractions.

She also maintained the area’s cleanliness. The chicken dung is being processed as organic fertilizer for the group’s backyard garden.

Chicken Production Income

From January to July, Annaliza gathered 324 trays of eggs which she sold at Php 170-180/tray. This gave her a gross income of Php 52,280 (Table 1).

She shared that the secret to her success is perseverance and diligence. In fact, she is now a supplier of eggs to a local bakery in barangay Poblacion. Since she can only gather at least two trays, which is not enough to supply the whole bakery operation, she found an alternative to meet the demand by buying eggs from her neighbor who is also a SAAD beneficiary.

Table 1. Annaliza’s Chicken Egg Production Income


Total Eggs Harvested
Selling Price

Gross Income
































According to Annaliza, the project provides a great support for her family’s daily consumption especially during this pandemic. It gave additional income to supply her sari-sari store and even made her save for their future.

Most of the members have the same feedback that the SAAD project is an alternative source of income which supported them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Problems Encountered and Solutions Made

Even though her success as egg supplier is evident, Annaliza has faced multiple challenges which almost made it impossible for her to continue to buy and sell eggs.

Upon project implementation, 13 chickens died due to bird flu. Other SAAD beneficiaries experienced the “molting” phase when chickens lose their feathers, typically stopping them from laying eggs.

To solve their problems, Annaliza fed the chickens on time, minimized the noise in the surroundings to reduce their stress, and boosted their immunity with the right amount of vitamins.

Since the price of drugs and biologics in the market have increased, she is asking for assistance from the local government unit for free vaccines and vitamins.

At this time, Annaliza has 35 chickens left in her egg machine. She, along with the MFA members, is looking for chicken suppliers in nearby towns to eventually replace their chickens. ###


Writer: Ruth Esther Bermundo, SAAD Normin Information Officer
Copy Editor: Jennifer Valcobero, SAAD NPMO Public Relation and Comms Officer

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