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SAAD ZDN group expands layer chicken production using earnings

ZAMBOANGA DEL NORTE, August 16, 2021- The Litolet Consumers Cooperative (LICONCO) (25 members) in Siayan, Zamboanga del Norte purchased 12 modules (576 head) of layer chickens to replenish the interventions received from the Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program in 2018.

The association started culling their chickens in June. The chickens were sold at Php 150 each, to which they earned approximately Php 64,000. “The income from the culls were added to our savings so we can restock those culled chickens. We spent Php 334,080 to avail the ready-to-lay chickens,” said the Vice Chairperson.

At present, LICONCO manages 30 modules or a total of 1,440 layer chickens. “When we received this project, we committed ourselves to work hard and agreed to save money every month intended for the renewal of the layers until they reach 18 months,” said LICONCO Vice Chairperson Marie Grace Herminigildo.

In 2018, LICONCO (25 members) initially received two modules (48 head per module) of Layer Chicken Raising Egg Production Project. Later that year, SAAD provided them with an additional 10 modules of chickens. Then, in 2020, they were provided another 18 modules of the same project.

All in all, LICONCO received Php 1.9 million worth of interventions from the program.

“The LGU of Siayan helps us by displaying the eggs at the Municipal Agriculture Office,” she explained.

“We are grateful that the SAAD Program has reached us, it imparted a big role to our barangay by providing us additional income opportunities. Someday, if we maintain our hard work, proper record keeping and financial management, we can still further expand our poultry farm to earn more,” she added.

Status of Layer Chicken Egg Production Projects in Siayan, Zamboanga del Norte

As of August 2021, 6 groups, including LICONCO, spent Php 1,015,200 for the replenishment and expansion of their production from their savings.

Seriac Consumers Cooperative (16 members), Macasing Consumers Cooperative (14 members), and Moyo Consumers Cooperative (15 members) replaced four modules each.

On the other hand, Datagan Consumers Cooperative (15 members) stocked up four and availed additional four modules, while Soguilon Consumers Cooperative (15 members) replaced two and added another four modules. ###

Writer: Aimee Lou D. Madjus, Information Officer- DA SAAD Region 9

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