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Farmer Livestock School (FLS) for Swine Production launches in CAR

KALINGA, June 29, 2021 – Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Community and Project Development Officers from Cordillera received a two-day training to set standards in conducting Farmer Livestock School (FLS) for swine production in Tabuk City, Kalinga.

This training conducted from June 17-18 aims to standardize the implementation of swine production by SAAD beneficiaries across the region.

The training was done in response to the swine repopulation program of the DA with the aim of (1) increasing the population of swine in the SAAD barangays; (2) encouraging beneficiaries to venture into swine breeding through feed subsidy; and (3) providing beneficiaries the opportunity to increase their income through the establishment of community-based enterprises. The FSL focuses on the promotion and adoption of technologies by farmers.

Topics discussed by various resource speakers were African Swine Fever (ASF) updates in CAR; farm biosecurity; a guide for successful swine-raising; swine feeds and feeding; swine health management; and Animal Welfare Act.

An open discussion and leveling-off was also undertaken to raise concerns and set the standards of FSL to be conducted. This was followed by a field visit and demonstration participated by two staff per province, facilitators, and two from the speakers.

“Adalen yu nga ustu dagiti aggapu ti speakers tayu tapnu adda maisuru yu ti farmers tayu a mangpasayaat metlang ti daytuy nga programa [Learn from our resource speakers to be equipped with knowledge that you can extend to our farmers that can also make this program a success],” Ms. Aida Pagtan, Regional Agricultural and Fisheries Information Division (RAFID) chief encouraged the participants.


“It is good to have these guidelines so that our swine raisers have something to follow but we must also be lenient such that it will be applicable or fit based on their living condition as long as we can see that the project won’t be compromised,” Dr. Leonardo Damian from POVS – Kalinga commented.

FLS will be conducted in collaboration with the Provincial Office for Veterinary Services (POVS), Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO), and Barangay Biosecurity Officers (BBO).

With the rampant spread of ASF virus across the country, biosecurity guidelines were imposed by the government to sustain the availability of pork supply in less or not affected areas and to supply affected areas. Meanwhile, SAAD CAR adapted the Farm Biosecurity Form generated by Benguet in implementing its swine repopulation.

ASF virus spreads from one area to another through the entry of an infected swine or its processed product in an area, hence, entry of such is prohibited by partner implementers.

Beneficiaries are also discouraged in feeding their swine stocks with any pork meat products and by-products.

In any case that a SAAD location site is affected by the virus, it will be reported to the POVS – a member of the ASF Task Force – for immediate actions to be taken.

Animal Welfare Act which aims to ensure humane treatment of animals was also discussed. The five welfare needs were identified and set in reference to the biosecurity measures against the ASF virus.

Field Visit

A swine production area of SAAD beneficiary Ms. Gudilea Ayangdo from Pasil, Kalinga was visited by selected participants. The resource speakers had a brief demonstration in assessing the production and likewise suggesting the necessary biosecurity measures to be done by the beneficiary.

“Mayat ta adda ti kastuy nga aktibidad tapnu makitayu ti nagbalinan dagiti inted ti SAAD ken makaisuggest ti sabali pay nga pakaiproban na ti panangtaraken ti babuy. Gundawayak metten nga agpasalamat ti inted ti SAAD ta isu pay nga pagliwliw-an ken makatulong ti panagbyag aglalu tatta nga pandemic,” said Ms. Ayangdo.

[Having activities like this is good so that you (program implementers) can see the outcome of what SAAD has provided and to have other suggestions on how to improve our swine production management. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank SAAD for giving me something to do that can aid our living especially during this pandemic.]

Completing the activity, Ms. Kristine Flores, Project Development Officer, shared that she is now more knowledgeable and can guide her area beneficiaries better in attaining a more productive and bio-secured swine-raising. ###


Writer: Sheena Phine B. Pisco-Dayagon, Information Officer – Kalinga

Source: Detleef Campos, Community Development Officer – CAR

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