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55 women swine raisers in Abra de Ilog accentuate tocino and longganisa processing

ABRA DE ILOG, July 04, 2021 – Two swine raisers associations from Abra de Ilog learned pork tocino and longganisa processing from the Department of Agriculture (DA) – Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program in partnership with the Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO).

Thirty (30) women from the Rural Improvement Club (RIC) and 25 women from Blessed Corean Swine Raisers Association (BCSRA) received the Training on Meat Processing.

Tocino is made from cured pork belly using various seasonings and spices while longganisa is made from ground pork flavored with sugar and spices.

San Jose (a town in Occidental Mindoro), is famous for making delicious tocino and longganisa that are among the favorite pasalubong for visitors and locals. Inspired by this, Abra de Ilog farmers are up to making their own signature taste.

Food Engineer Artemis Roque M. Mulingtapang from the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO) of Abra de Ilog facilitated the session. According to him, the acquired knowledge will help the swine raisers increase their income as it is a value-adding activity.

The training lasted for a day for each group. The participants learned the proper steps and ingredients needed, and experienced an actual making of tocino and longganisa.

RIC already received a boar, 10 gilts, and a weighing scale, while the BCSRA received a boar, 10 gilts, a weighing scale, a vacuum sealer, a meat grinder, and supplementary items such as feeds and vitamins in 2019 amounting to an estimated value of Php 570,000.

The meat grinder, which is essential in making longganisa, will be shared by the two associations.

Municipal Agriculturist Julia Amodia added that they plan to help the associations get their own stall inside the public market of Abra de Ilog where they can sell their SAAD processed meat products.

In addition, they are also looking at the potential of selling meat products online to get a broader market. ###


Writer: Dianne Francis A. Sy, SAAD Information Officer I


Wily Adrian E. Vergara, SAAD Area Coordinator – Abra de Ilog

Mary Darish M. Agito, Agricultural Extension Worker (MIMAROPA)


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