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SAAD Sulu farmer harvests 2,500 squash worth Php 125K

SULU, June 9, 2021- Forty-six-year-old farmer Lasah Idan from barangay Tubod, Talipao harvested 2,500 pieces of squash worth Php 125,000 through the Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program’s Diversified Farming Project.

The harvested crops were sold for Php 50/pc in Jolo and other markets near Talipao.

“Before I came here in Tubod I used to live in Luuk as a fisherman where I sell fish and seaweed. After marrying my wife, we moved to Tubod and had eight children,” shared Mr. Idan. However, due to poverty, some of his children stopped from studying to support their family needs.

“After SAAD came, I can say that it was not only the income that improved but also my life. I am so grateful for the day that Ma’am Ann (Talipao Area Coordinator Analisa U. Dauring) came to orient us. She was there until the program was fully implemented in our barangay.”

“SAAD is a blessing for us farmers,” added Mr. Idan. Now, as he continues to farm with the inputs provided by SAAD, he aims to let her two younger daughters finish their studies.

He said, “It is the only thing that I can give aside from teaching them some farming skills, I want them to finish their studies and do what they really want to do.” ###

Writer: Shara Malaica Ussam, Information Officer- DA R9 SAAD

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