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DA-SAAD preps Samar farmers’ associations before project turnover

SAMAR, May 4, 2021 – The Department of Agriculture (DA) under the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program in Samar kicked off its Community Needs Assessment and Capability Building Training for 140 identified beneficiaries under FY 2021 in Pinabacdao from April 12 to 17.

Botoc Credit Cooperative of Brgy. Botoc and Obayan Farmers Association of Brgy. Obayan successfully completed the three–day training conducted by the SAAD Samar team with the active participation and assistance of the Pinabacdao local government unit headed by Municipal Agriculturist Dante O. Gabatbat.

Held in their respective barangays, 20 members and officers per association participated in the activity.

The capability-building activity equipped 140 farmers from 7 associations with the necessary skill set, attitude, and drive prior to the delivery and full implementation of the project.

Among the highlights of the Community Needs Assessment was the essence of organizing an association or a cooperative.  It became a refresher to the association members as they tackled the history, mission, and vision of the groups.

In this training, the leadership roles and responsibilities of both officers and members were elaborated.  Good communication as a requisite, especially during conflicts, was likewise emphasized.

In the capability–building training, the importance of financial management to advance the level of a farmer to an entrepreneur was stressed out.

It helped them learn the benefit of having a network of support, approaching creditors for loans, formulating a strategic business plan, and acquiring the right administrative skills to manage their association.

The training was not only informative and interactive, but it became an avenue for members to express their feelings, to address and solve issues within the organization.

The participants were grateful that the activities were conducted. A sentiment from a participant that caught the organizers’ hearts was: “Naiha nala ak nga parag–uma ngan parag–atender hin mga seminar ngan training, pero dinhe pala ak ha SAAD Program naka–attend hin baga tuhay nga training.”

(I have been a farmer for a long time now who has been attending seminars/ training, but it is only here with the SAAD Program that I attended proper training.) ###

Writer: Jeric M. Afable, Area Coordinator II, PPMSO–Samar


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