Chicken Multiplier Farm pilots in Kalinga

KALINGA, April 6, 2021 – The Bawak Darulog Allubaggan Pagugo Farmers Organization (BDAP FO) of Tanudan, Kalinga receives a startup livelihood enterprise through the establishment of Free-range Chicken Multiplier Farm Project on April 6, 2021. The project worth Php 550,000 is funded by the Department of Agriculture – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program under the FY 2020.

The project aims to develop its beneficiaries in establishing an enterprise that focuses in the production of quality breeds of poultry and serve as suppliers in the locality and nearby areas. The Free-range Chicken Multiplier Farm Project includes 500 head Dekalb pullets and cockerels and 50 bags layer feeds. This can provide an estimated total beneficiary profit of Php 6.5 million for the first year from eggs and chicks/chicken produce.

BDAP FO, with 112 members, is among the first 10 FO beneficiaries in Kalinga in 2019. There are 11 introductory recipients of the pilot project from where one of its members, Marjorie Ang-ang has been assigned as caretaker of the farm. Marjorie is the top free-range chicken producer among the SAAD beneficiaries in Kalinga while the other 10 BDAP members are tapped to engage in poultry projects.

Top poultry raiser, front runner of community poultry livelihood project

Marjorie, 36 year-old, a mother of three, has been featured in the KasaSAAD April-June 2020 issue for successfully producing 88 heads from January to May 2020 from the 6 head free-range chicken stocks given by the SAAD Program in 2019.

To secure the success of the program, she received 300 head stocks (247 hens and 53 roosters) packaged with 40 bags feeds while the other 10 beneficiaries each received 20 head stocks (15 hens and 5 roosters) package including one bag of feeds. In the course of the project, the beneficiaries are to provide poultry housing and ensure proper care and maintenance.

As the Program continues to groom local farmers in thinking long term and acting as an organization, beneficiaries will share the 5% of their net sales/month to the BDAP FO for 5 years and the 5% of their hatchlings will be distributed or passed on/month to the other members for two years. In terms of bio-security, this system and local out-sourcing of stocks is seen to lower or prevent mortality of poultry interventions due to hauling stress and entry of possible diseases in the province.

Agricultural Program Coordinating Office (APCO) Bentres Goyo, Science Research Specialist II, said that the future is bright for the group especially if extension of the SAAD Program for 6 years will be approved.

Provincial Veterinarian Mariano Dunwan and SAAD Agriculturist Marjorie Casilla encouraged the BDAP FO to attend training offerings and process necessary documents for the establishment of a learning center in partnership with the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) that is aimed at conducting retraining to potential farmers.

In her message, Ms. Ang-ang shared her gratitude to everyone behind the project provision. “Finally! Andito na. Nagpapasalamat ako sa Diyos sa blessing na ito, sa SAAD Program sa oportunidad na ito, sa BDAP officers sa inyong cooperation, at lalong-lalo na sa asawa ko na tumutulong sa akin. Napakalaking obligasyon nito at hindi ko inexpect na namakakareceive ako nito, na pagkakatiwalaan ako ng DA. Masaya ako sa oportunidad na ‘to dahil wala kaming stable na source of income dati at ngayon nakakapagbenta na ako ng mga itlog at manok. Maraming salamat sa inyo.” ###

Writer: Sheena Phine P. Dayagon, Information Officer I, Kalinga