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75 Caotit farmers receive intervention for brown egg production

MOUNTAIN PROVINCE, March 25, 2021– The Department of Agriculture’s Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) turned over agricultural support worth Php 2.3 million for 75 farmers in Sitio Caotit, Guenzadan Central, Bauko.

The beneficiaries received 3,225 16-week-old DeKalb Brown pullets amounting to Php 1.6 million. They also got 125 bags of grower feeds and 400 bags of mash layer feeds worth Php 687,500.

The intervention supports Caotit Upper Pedall Association’s Brown Egg Production that will start up their livelihood activities. 

The group members belong to the Kankanaey Tribe from Sitio Caotit and Upper Pedall. They were selected as beneficiaries in 2020 as their barangay belongs to the Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas (GIDA). 

Although they own vast lands, they have limited financial resources to generate farming activities and livelihood.

During the ceremony, Agricultural Program Coordinating Officer (APCO) Beverly Pekas challenged the beneficiaries to emerge as established agripreneurs in the egg production industry. Only by then that the vision of the program will be fulfilled.

Barangay Captain Diego Bastian further encouraged his constituents to strive to become a model organization in achieving the project’s goal.

Provincial Veterinarian Rodelio Bagawi also encouraged the farmers to construct housing and not a cage as it is “the best way to achieve maximum productivity”. 

The housing includes perimeter fencing with beddings such as sawdust or rice hull.

The beneficiaries were also advised to practice strict compliance with biosecurity measures such as limiting the entry of people and other animals in the house. 

Furthermore, proper feeding and schedule were discussed that will ensure animals are healthier than the ones produced commercially. 

Finally, Bagawi encouraged the farmers to take the opportunity to engage in agripreneurship as local poultry owners still could not provide the entire demand of the province. 

The livelihood assistance is in line with the agency’s objective of enabling farmers to develop their livelihood and, at the same time, ensure food adequacy in the locality. ###


Writer: Dinah D. Ay-yango, Mountain Province Information Officer I

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