Finding Hope through Agri-Enterprise

EASTERN SAMAR – Teresita Nadonza is one of the 32 beneficiaries of the Department of Agriculture-Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) in Barangay San Isidro, General MacArthur who found hope in the program’s livelihood project.

As a wife of a small–scale farmer and a mother of three, Ms. Nadonza has to be successful despite difficulties and challenges in life.

Her family’s monthly income, ranging Php 6,000 to 8,000, is dependent on farming. It supports her children’s needs and household expenses.

In 2019, the SAAD Program identified the area as beneficiary of the Layer Chicken Egg Production Project.

Each beneficiary, including Teresita, received a set of egg laying machines with 48 ready–to–lay chicken and 8 bags of layer feeds valued at Php 61,187.50.

Even though there was a training conducted, most of the beneficiaries experienced problems on poultry management, especially on medication and treatment of diseases.

Ms. Nadonza dealt with the same problems. However, her eagerness and perseverance made her implementation the most successful in the village.

Her son, who is an Animal Science student, also played a vital role in her success.  He helped his mother overcome every problem she encountered by practicing the knowledge he gained from school.

“I am very much thankful to my son because he has been a great help on my success,” Ms. Nadonza said.KEY RESULTS

As of February 2021, Ms. Nadonza harvested a total of 27,079 eggs, which were sold at Php 7/piece, with a total net income of Php 85,593.

Table 1. Ms. Nadonza Production and Income (2019-2021)

Month Eggs gathered (pcs) Gross Income (Php) Expenses* (Php) Net Income (Php)
July 1,014 7,098 5,300 1,798
August 1,139 7,973 5,300 2,673
September 1,273 8,911 5,130 3,781
October 1,424 9,968 5,300 4,668
November 1,427 9,989 5,130 4,859
December 1,435 10,045 5,300 4,745
Total 7,712 53,984 31,460 22,524
January 1,454 10,178 5,300 4,878
February 1,254 8,778 4,790 3,988
March 1,434 10,038 5,300 4,738
April 1,384 9,688 5,130 4,558
May 1,392 9,744 5,300 4,444
June 1,368 9,576 5,130 4,446
July 1,415 9,905 5,300 4,605
August 1,426 9,982 5,300 4,682
September 1,373 9,611 5,130 4,481
October 1,395 9,765 5,300 4,465
November 1,344 9,408 5,130 4,278
December 1,364 9,548 5,300 4,248
Total 16,603 116,221 62,410 53,811
January 1,379 9,653 5,300 4,353
February 1,385 9,695 4,790 4,905
Total 2,764 19,348 10,090 9,258
Grand Total 27,079 189,553 103,960 85,593
*5kg of feeds per day x number of days per month x Php 34 price/kg of feeds + Php 30 tricycle fair

With the daily sales she collects from egg production, Ms. Nadonza is now able to help her family financially, especially in sustaining their daily needs.

Finally, the plight she had been carrying had become a little lighter.  After a few months’ production, Ms. Nadonza discovered more opportunities that came her way.

She decided to expand her project by procuring additional 50 ready–to–lay chickens.  She now has an inventory of 96 chickens.

She sold the eggs to the sari-sari or retail stores inside and outside the barangay, restaurants in the municipality, and sometimes to her neighbors. When she delivers the eggs to her buyers outside her barangay or in the Poblacion, she pays Php 30 for the tricycle or motorcycle fare.

“I can no longer do as much farm work as I did when I was younger, so when the SAAD Program came, I felt God has given me new hope. From now on, I am very sure that I will be able to sufficiently provide for my family’s daily needs,” she quipped. ###


Writer: Evan Jess M. Villanueva, Area Coordinator II, PPMSO–Eastern Samar


Copy Editor: Jemiema Arro, SAAD NPMO Public Relation and Comms Officer