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Postharvest equipment worth Php 868k granted to FOs of Mt. Province

MOUNTAIN PROVINCE, February 18, 2021 – Mountain Province fisherfolk expect to receive additional funding for Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program fishery livelihood projects as the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) transferred Php 10 million funds to regional offices.

“As promised, we came back to deliver what was committed. It is really a well-heeled time that we are able to grant your requests through the additional funding that was transferred,” said BFAR CAR Regional Director Lilibeth L. Signey during the turnover ceremony of various project inputs held in Tadian.

Thirteen units of postharvest package which include a chest freezer, two cooler boxes, and a 60kg-capacity weighing scale were distributed to 13 fisherfolk organizations with 681 members in the municipalities of Bauko, Besao, Bontoc, and Sagada.

Fisherfolk Organization
No. of Members Fishery Inputs Project Cost
Bagnen FO in Bauko 81 1 postharvest package 18,700
Otucan Sur FO in Bauko 65 1 postharvest package 18,700
Balintaugan FO in Bauko 15 1 postharvest package 18,700
Masameyeo, Gueday FO in Besao 45 1 postharvest package 18,700
Gueday Proper FO in Besao 55 1 postharvest package 18,700
Tamboan Fisherfolk and Irrigators Association in Besao 65 1 postharvest package 18,700
Dandanac FO in Besao 48 1 postharvest package 18,700
Dalican FO in Bontoc 104 1 postharvest package 18,700
Mainit FO in Bontoc 18 1 postharvest package 18,700
Ankileng Farmers and Fisherfolk Organization in Sagada 85 1 postharvest package 18,700
Fidelisan Fisherfolk and Farmers Organization in Sagada 50 1 postharvest package 18,700
Madongo Farmers and Fisherfolk Organization in Sagada 35 1 postharvest package 18,700
Bangaan FO in Sagada 15 1 postharvest package 18,700
Subtotal 243,100
Tadian Farmers and Fisherfolk Irrigators Association 312 200 units of (hapa) nets with accessories 600,000
*8 rolls of water hose 25,000
Subtotal 785,000
Grand Total 993 868,100

*Water hose was procured under SAAD 2020 fund, not from the Php 3.5 million additional funding

In addition, 200 rolls of fine mesh (hapa) nets and 8 rolls of water hose were given to the Tadian Farmers and Fisherfolk Irrigators Association (with 312 members) in response to their request during the harvest field day of Japanese loach in September 2020 at Barangay Duagan.

The nets will be used as protection to prevent the Japanese loach from scaping the paddies.

According to Ms. Faith Pek-aw, the Provincial Veterinarian, their eagerness to learn various agri-fisheries interventions started when members attended a training module on the Farmers Livestock School-Goat Enterprise Management (FLS-GEM) in 2019.

The learning opportunity stimulated its members to become dynamic in exploring more ventures that will expand their activities such as the established tilapia fish hatchery and the propagation of loach.

“We guided and supported the organization for them to grow and prosper. So whatever their plans, we will support them,” said Ms. Pek-aw.

TAFFIA adviser Mr. Rex Allen Cadio is looking forward to the constructed tilapia fish hatchery and proposes to make it as an agri-tourism site to serve as a show window for other fisherfolk enthusiasts who wish to venture in fish farming.

“This is really a great encouragement for us to do our part not only for the TAFFIA members but also to other fisherfolk in Bauko, Besao, Sagada and Tadian for all of us to attain our goals. It is truly gratifying to hear from RD Beth we came again to deliver our promise with the presence of Governor Bonifacio C. Lacwasan, Jr., Vice Mayor Alfonso D. Polan, Councilor Juniper Kidit, Sr., and some officials to be part of the event,” said Mr. Cadio.

“Your presence will serve as a morale booster for the members to do their part to be able to contribute toward achieving food security,” he added.

“We believe that BFAR is an evidence that government support continues, from the first conducted activity in Duagan, then the inauguration of the fish hatchery in Luk-eb, up to granting of additional inputs for the propagation of loach. We are very grateful for this,” said TAFFIA Secretary.

To note, another 14 units of harvesting nets worth Php 160,000 is under distribution to other towns in the province. ###


Writer: Rodelyn Foronda, BFAR-CAR Information Writer
Copy Editor: Jennifer Valcobero, SAAD NPMO Public Relation and Comms Officer
Source of Photos: BFAR-CAR

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