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Agricultural machinery and tools to help Kalinga farmers on vegetable and fruit production

KALINGA, February 17, 2021 – The Romualdez Farmers Association (RFA) with 171 members received Php 936,900 worth of agricultural machinery and tools from the Special Area of Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program to support lowland vegetables and fruit trees production of FY 2020.

The interventions given were 60 power sprayers and 21 sets of garden tools (shovel, crowbar, and rake.)

The Municipal Agriculturist of Rizal, Isabelo Dawaton, said that with the power sprayer, they could save time in applying nutrients and liquid fertilizers in their crops, as well as help them reduce expense for labor.

“The power sprayer is a big help in our community since our farm is rainfed and we are only using water pumps. With this assistance for our irrigation system, we could increase the production of the provided interventions, especially the vegetables,” said Mr. Dawaton as he recognized the projects as a great help to the farmers.

From September to November 2020, the group received various 3,150 seedlings such as mango (1,050), calamansi (1,050), robusta coffee (1,050), 240 cans of bitter gourd seeds, 180 cans of eggplant seeds, 150 bags of processed chicken manure,164 native goats, 150 blue plastic drums, and 150 sets of garden tools.

Assistant Agricultural Production Coordinating Officer Bentres Goyo reminded the beneficiaries of the need to maintain the provided inputs by practicing proper management and disposition of the machine.

“These tools and machinery is really meant for you, we seek your diligence in taking care of these tools, and to the projects as a whole,” said Mr. Goyo.

RFA president Romel Alingod promised to reciprocate the government aid with hard work and determination to succeed in the livelihood project’s implementation.

“We are thankful for the service everyone has done. Thank you for choosing our group as a beneficiary. Through the DA-CAR-SAAD interventions, we felt the presence of the government’s assistance,” shared Romel.

RFA is a beneficiary of SAAD’s Integrated Lowland Vegetables, Fruit Trees, and Goat Production Project in the province amounting to Php 4.6 million.

Congressman Allen Jesse Mangaoang expressed his support to the program through representative Placido Alsiyang. He said, “We need to help our farmers as we also recognize their importance in easing off our struggles especially during this pandemic.” ###


Writer: Sheena Phine Pisco-Dayagon, Information Officer I, Kalinga
Copy Editor: Jennifer Valcobero, SAAD NPMO Public Relation and Communications Officer
Source: Loida A. Madeo and Mowanah Marie C. Jovellanos, Rizal and Pinukpuk Community Development Officers

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