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Mountain Province eyes CFA as lead quail and chicken egg distributor

MOUNTAIN PROVINCE, December 4, 2020 – The Local Government Unit (LGU) of Mountain Province eyed the Channeg Farmer’s Association (CFA) as one of the leading egg distributors as it is the first farmers’ organization engaged in the Department of Agriculture’s (DA) Table Egg Production Project. Most egg distributors in the province are from private entities.

The Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) provided the project worth Php 2.8 million on November 5. It is composed of 1,400 chickens and 24 bags of grower feeds.

Because of the CFA’s promising progress on the implementation of the Quail Egg Production Project, the SAAD Program granted the organization another intervention to fully support its 50 members.

Sipupuso ken si-i-isem kami nga mang-akseptar ditoy nga intervention ket aywanan ken taripatwen mi nga kasla iti inmuna nga quail” [We are very happy to accept this intervention and we will implement the additional project well just like what we did with the quail egg production project], shared CFA chairperson Divina Dangilan.

CFA’s Quail Egg Production Project

In the group’s previous financial report, CFA earned a net income of Php 67,408 from selling 52,304 quail eggs at Php 2 each from July to August 2020.

See Channeg FA towards quail egg supplier

From September to December 17, the group collected 37,500 quail eggs sold in the locality and generated a net income of Php 21,040.

To sum it all up, the group gathered 89,804 quail eggs with a net income of Php 88,448.

Table 1.  Profit Computation of 800 quail layers from September – December 2020

Month Total quail eggs gathered 
Total Sales
(Php 2.00/egg)
Expense Cost
Site 1
September-December 19,500 39,000.00 Feeds 14,000.00
Electric bill 5,000.00
Walis tingting 70.00
Brush 60.00
Cellophane 500.00
Soap 30.00
Crates 800.00
Honorarium of 10 members 8,000.00
Delivery fee and labor of the hauling of feeds 1,500.00
Total Expenses 25,460.00
Net Income (Total Sales – Expense Cost) 13,540.00
Site 2
18,000 36,000.00 Feeds 14,000.00
Electric bill 4,000.00
Cellophane 500.00
Honorarium of 10 members 8,000.00
Delivery fee of feeds and labor of the hauling of feeds 2,000.00
Total Expenses 28,500.00
Net Income (Total Sales – Expense Cost) 7,500.00
Grand Total (Site 1 + Site 2 Net Income) 21,040.00
With the continuous support of the SAAD Program, the group is now looking forward to increasing their income after receiving the additional project.

Rita Pomeg-as, one of the group members and recipient of the Table Egg Production Project, assured that she will take care of the chicken and work closely with the LGU for product marketing.

Meanwhile, the group already bought feeds from their quail production income and set aside money to buy more animals. They are also planning to buy hatchery and brooding birds’ equipment to help the growing number of farmers who are interested in the quail egg business in the province.

Jennifer Focayao, the Business Manager of CFA, shared “Pagyamanan mi apo ta gapu iti SAAD Program ket naurnos kami nga umili akas beneficiary from working individually ken naka-tulong nga mang-i-set iti goals mi tapnu adda mayat nga turong mi iti future.” [We are very thankful to the Program for bringing us together as one community. We started working individually until we have learned to work together for a better future]

About CFA

CFA was established in February 2019 with 70 members from sitios Karangkang, Bobo-ong, Vawa, and Kadattay.

Twenty members are in-charge of the quail production project while the remaining members handle the table egg production project.


The group said that they are now closer to their long-term goal of becoming the quail egg supplier in the province.

The LGU will also assist CFA in collecting the orders from different offices and private individuals as part of promoting their products until such time that they will be able to transact on their own. ###


Writer: Dinah D. Ay-yango, SAAD Mountain Province Information Officer
Copy Editor: Jennifer A. Valcobero, SAAD NPMO Public Relation and Comms Officer

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