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Sheep provided to three Calanasan FAs

APAYAO, September 8, 2020 – Thirty (30) farmers who are members of the Bayag Farmer’s Association (20), Naguillan Pantawid Farmer’s Association (5), and Sabangan Eliaziar Farmer’s Association from Calanasan (5) received 120 sheep (108 ewes, 12 rams) and 60 rolls of galvanized wire for animal fencing under the Sheep Production Project worth Php 2,169,000.00 from the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program for FY 2020.

Each beneficiary received 2 rolls of galvanized wire and at least 3 ewes. The 12 rams will be raised by the 12 identified caretakers who are also members of the association.

According to the Municipal Veterinarian Reah Vivian Piagan, the rural farmers from their municipality are looking for sheep to tend to aside from swine, carabao, cattle, duck, and chicken. The locals also preferred to buy this animal because its meat is relatively lean and nutrition-packed. Right now, the requirement for this animal has reached 80% for the entire Municipality of Calanasan. Therefore, there is a need to produce 6,770 sheep to accommodate the demand. However, the farmers can only produce 2% of the required production.

Mrs. Piagan also added that rearing this small ruminant offers many advantages apart from easy to maintain, prolific, and productive in nature. It likewise provides a dependable source of income through the sale of wool, meat, and animals.

Meanwhile, a member of Bayag Farmer’s Association Raul Achacoso shared that he was happy to receive 3 ewes and 2 rolls of galvanized wire. He said that he is motivated to improve their lives despite the adversary of the CoViD-19 pandemic because SAAD continuously supports them with agricultural livelihood interventions.

“Thank you SAAD Program, namnamaen mi nga makapaado tapno pakaiwarasan to iti kaadwan ng aka-ili mi” [Thank you SAAD Program, we are hoping that we will be able to multiply the animal stock so that more farmers will benefit.] Mr. Achacoso shared.

The program will continue in assisting the farmers’ associations to successfully manage the sheep production project and get additional income out of it. It is also possible that the organizations will be developed as an enterprise for lamb processing. ###


Writer: Kathleen Faye B. Agonoy, Information Officer I, SAAD Apayao and Evangeline Yambot, Regional Information Officer

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