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SAAD fishery sector encourages capture fisher-beneficiaries to venture in pond culture

MAGSAYSAY, OCCIDENTAL MINDORO, September 03, 2020 – The third quarter is a relatively risky season for capture fishers, not to mention the decline of fish volume brought by different environmental factors.

In this light, and even before the recent global health crisis, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources – Special Area for Agricultural Development (BFAR-SAAD) Program Region 4B intensifies backyard pond operations through distribution of tilapia pond culture inputs to SAAD fisher-beneficiaries in Magsaysay, Occidental Mindoro on August 27, 2020, worth Php 198,500.00 from the FY 2020 SAAD funds.

The particular intervention consisting of 5 sacks (25 kg/sack) of fry mash, 25 sacks starter feeds (25 kg/sack), 35 sacks of grower feeds (25 kg/sack), 70 sacks of 25 kg finisher feeds, 5 sacks of 50 kg inorganic fertilizer (16-20-0), and 5 sacks of 25 kg teaseed powder benefitted 5 individual fisherfolk-beneficiaries from Brgy. Laste. Each of the 5 tilapia pond growers was able to receive Php 39,700.00 worth of inputs.

According to the Regional Focal Person for BFAR-SAAD Region 4B, Ms. Julie Ann Gabinete, “We are addressing the need to improve the production of the aquaculture sector. With this intervention, the beneficiaries can inspire other fisherfolk to engage in aquaculture activities.”

Brgy. Laste in Magsaysay is recently under Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) which provides limited mobility even for livelihood and production purposes.

“Also, since the community quarantine (…) is still in effect in the barangay, backyard aquaculture can ensure that fisherfolk has food for consumption and can [have] a source of livelihood in this time of pandemic,” Ms. Gabinete added.

Tilapia is a staple aquatic species which is relatively easy to cultivate and only requires minimum input and loss to the cultivators. The fingerlings are also accessible and free through BFAR satellite hatchery. The tilapia will be available for harvesting 3 months after stocking and will be apportioned according to fisherfolk’s need for consumption and enterprise. ###


Writer: Jessamae Gabon, DA SAAD NPMO, Public Relations and Communications Officer

Sources and Contributors:

Ms. Julie Ann Gabinete, BFAR-SAAD Region 4B, Regional Focal Person

Kit Jasper Gopela, NPMO, PME Focal for Fisheries

Photo Courtesy of BFAR SAAD Region 4B

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