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Integrated farming system accorded to farmer’s association of Pinukpuk, Kalinga

KALINGA, August 26, 2020 – Seventy (70) members of the Asibanglan Farm Development Organization (AFDO) received 70 rolls of poultry wire mesh, 28 bags of grower feeds, and 140 bags of complete fertilizer which is part of the Integrated Fruit Trees and Poultry Production Project in Asingbalan, Pinukpuk amounting to Php 3,521,600 under the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) fund for FY 2020.

Each beneficiary received 2 bags of complete fertilizer and a roll of poultry wire mesh. Out of the 70 recipients, 14 partially received 2 bags of grower feeds each. For the fruit trees (rambutan), the beneficiaries received 10 seedlings for each 500 square meter area last August 13, 2020. In total, AFDO has a total production area of 3.5 hectares (ha).

Agriculture and forestry are two of the major land uses of the barangay. The beneficiaries have two cropping systems in a year (dinisan and danawat); and their local products, rambutan and coffee, are included as one of the identified projects.

From the program, poultry was identified as one of the projects, since poultry raising has already been part of their community. About 60% of the AFDO members are already experienced on this type of livelihood and they use the locally available materials in constructing housings and other needs for their ducks or chickens. The AFDO members had an existing poultry on their backyards but one could hardly realize the impact of this livelihood since the number of poultry per household is not significantly large. Their produce was usually used for family consumption.

With the livelihood project, the newly organized people’s organization (PO) made it their goal to be the supplier of poultry products in Kalinga and nearby provinces.###


Writers: Sheena Phine Pisco, Information Officer I, Kalinga and Evangeline Yambot, Regional Information Officer
Source: Mowanah Marie C. Jovellanos, Area Coordinator



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