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Partial distribution of inputs for Livestock Production Project worth Php 8.2 M benefits 273 SAAD farmers in Bicol

BICOL REGION, AUGUST 18, 2020 – Php 8.2 M worth of assistance has been turned-over for partial fulfillment of the Livestock Production Project from the SAAD FY 2020, aiding 273 farmer-beneficiaries in three provinces namely: Catanduanes, Masbate and Sorsogon.

MASBATE. The Goat Production Package assisted a total of 54 individual beneficiaries after providing each farmer a livestock package consisting of 4 native does and 1 upgraded buck. Each doe costs Php 5,560.00 while each buck is priced at Php 14,000.00, which grants Php 36,240.00 total worth of package assistance for each beneficiary from the municipalities of San Pascual (11 farmers), Monreal (11 farmers), Mandaon (11 farmers), Balud (11 farmers), Esperanza (11 farmers) and Pio V. Corpuz (10 farmers).

For the Duck Production Package, a total of 328 heads of mallard ducks worth Php 131,200.00 were granted to 16 beneficiaries from municipalities of San Pascual (7 farmers) and Monreal (9 farmers). Each farmer received 20 heads ducks worth Php 400.00 each.

Piglets have also been turned-over to a total of 144 beneficiaries from the municipality of San Pascual (24 farmers), Monreal (24 farmers), Mandaon (24 farmers), Balud (24 farmers), Esperanza (24 farmers), and Pio V Corpuz (24 farmers) under the Pig Production Package. Each farmer received a total of Php 35,000.00, amounting to a total project cost of Php 5,040,000.00.

CATANDUANES. Twenty four (24) farmer beneficiaries from the municipalities of Gigmoto (12 farmers) and Baras (12 farmers) have been assisted by the Duck Production Package.  A total of 480 mallard ducks has been provided to the beneficiaries, worth Php 400.00 each duck with the total amount of Php 192,000.00.

SORSOGON. For the Goat Production Package, 77 native does and 35 upgraded buck have been distributed to 35 farmer beneficiaries from the municipalities of Juban (17), and Pilar (18) amounting to Php 918,120.00 worth of assistance for the Goat Production Package.

Partial deliveries of animals have been made due to limited number of delivered animals that can be transported while travel restriction is imposed in the region due to the community quarantine. According to Dr. Mary Grace DP. Rodriguez, OIC Chief of the Filed Operations Division and SAAD Action Officer in Bicol, the Php 8.2 M project is part of the FY 2020 Livestock Production program totalling to Php 39 M.

Supplemental drugs and biologics have also been given to the animals during delivery and monitoring activities upon request of the farmers. The project aims to provide sustainable livelihood support to the SAAD beneficiaries in the remote areas of Catanduanes, Masbate, and Sorsogon through egg production and genetic improvement as well as the re-population of animals in the target areas.

For this year, the target beneficiaries under the said project are all individuals, upon identification, validation and geotagging of the SAAD PPMSO for Food Production and Livelihood Component. However, the program is gearing towards enterprise development and the consolidation of individual farmers into organized groups for FY 2021.

The delivered interventions were part of the refocused SAAD FY 2020 targets to answer in the current demand of the farmers and sustain food security in the country during this time of global pandemic.


Jessamae Gabon, DA SAAD NPMO, Public Relations and Communications Officer

Maribeth A. Mangalino, DA SAAD Region 5 Planning Officer


Maribeth A. Mangalino, DA SAAD Region 5 Planning Officer

Lovella P. Guarin, DA SAAD 5 Regional Technical Working Group Member

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