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Woman-farmer earn from goat production project in Apayao

APAYAO, July 15, 2020 – Mrs. Lorie Gatiw-an, member of Dur-as Farmer’s Association in barangay Aga, Pudtol sold four farm-raised bucks worth Php 24,500.00 in her neighborhood. The said goats are offspring of the does provided to the association by the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program in 2017 under the Goat Production Project worth Php 1,040,000.00 composed of 21 does (Php 420,000.00) and 2 housing barns (Php 620,000.00).

Mrs. Gatiw-an shared that each of the members were given two goats. On her part, she purchased a buck worth Php 5,500.00 in 2018 to improve the productivity of her goat breeding stock. This resulted in her raising 7 heads (5 bucks and 2 does) from 2018 to 2020.

In addition, Mrs. Gatiw-an was also able to share a buck and a doe to the next-in-line beneficiary. She said that the project is a good source of income because she was able to buy 6 cavans (300 kgs) of rice for her family’s consumption and other basic needs.

This time, Mrs. Gatiw-an is preparing her remaining doe in multiplying her goats.


Writer: Kath Agonoy, SAAD Apayao Information Officer

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