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Small ruminants from SAAD produces 17 offspring

DAGUPAN, LUNA, APAYAO, July 8, 2020 – Some of the 29 sheep awarded to Upstream Livelihood Farmers Association of Apayao in 2019 bore 17 offspring (5 ewes, 12 rams). This is under the Sheep Production Project of the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program.

Last year, the association with 131 members received the 29 sheep (4 rams, 25 ewes) with a package of dairy feeds, forage seeds, biologics, and housing assistance worth Php 590,318.16.

To ensure the sustainability of the project, the association members agreed that each of the first 29 recipients of the sheep will give back one ewe to the next-in-line beneficiary. The next-in-line beneficiaries will be identified by the members in coordination with the Municipal Local Government Unit (MLGU). The sharing system will also be imposed on the next recipient.

Mrs. Girlie Miguel, the president of the association, said that they are working as a team so that they adhere to the said agreement and promote equal opportunity.

“Naaramid daytoy nga policy tapno saan lang nga para dakami nga imuna nga nakaawat ngem nu ketdi pinanunut mi metlang ti pagsyaatan iti daduma nga kailian mi nga marig-rigat nga karapat-dapat metlang nga makagun-od iti kastoy nga opurtunidad a naawat mi. Kayat mi nga makawaras daytoy nga benepisyo akas pag birukan,” [We created this policy not only for the good of our association but rather considered other unfortunate residents in the barangay who also deserve to receive the same opportunity. We want to share the benefits of this livelihood project.] Mrs. Miguel shared.

Since the construction of animal shelters were not yet provided due to the COVID-19 pandemic, temporary housings were built. According to the Area Coordinator of Apayao, Ruby Ann Vicerra, despite the sheep having a temporary housing, it did not affect the project implementation.

SAAD Cordillera, for its part, assured that the animals are being taken care of despite the pandemic through the provisions of antibiotics, vitamins, and dewormer to ensure that the next grantee will receive healthy sheep. ###


Writer: Kathleen Faye B. Agonoy, Information Officer I

Jennifer A. Valcobero, SAAD Public Relations and Comms Officer

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