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72 cattle granted to Mountain Province farmer-beneficiaries

MOUNTAIN PROVINCE, July 9, 2020 – Seventy–two (72) head of cattle were distributed to the beneficiaries of six municipalities of Mountain Province namely: Sadanga with 28 beneficiaries, Sagada with five (5), Bauko with seven (7), Besao with five (5), Tadian with seven (7), and Bontoc with 20 under the Cattle Livelihood Project of the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program amounting to Php 4,521,901 (FY2019 budget). The turnover was done at Iyeb Grounds, Poblacion, Bontoc.

In his speech, Regional Executive Director Cameron P. Odsey of the Department of Agriculture – Cordillera Administrative Region (DA-CAR) said that the Cattle Livelihood Project was initiated in lieu of the original proposal of the local government units’ Swine Production due to the emergence of the African Swine Fever (ASF).

Dagita ket maited nga pagsiyaatan iti umili sunga ibingay tau iti daduma, dagiti imuna nga naka-ala ket ag-ited iti maysa nga baka ijay next-in-line beneficiaries ket daytoy ket maitul-tuloy met lang ijay sumarsaruno nga beneficaries,” [These interventions were given to improve the living conditions of the people in the community, thus, the first recipients shall give one cattle to the next-in-line beneficiaries as repayment and same procedure shall be imposed on the next-in-line beneficiaries], Dir. Odsey said.

This is considered luck considering nga nai-base iti poverty nu pay man haan nga agpapada panagkita iti poverty ket nai-nayun iti Mt. Province ta nu linya ti poverty ket isu ka-addaan dagitoy da special programs nga kasla iti SAAD,” [This is considered luck considering that the basis is poverty incidence. Even though we have different views on poverty, Mountain Province was catered in the special programs like the SAAD], Dir. Odsey further explained.

Governor Bonifacio C. Lacwasan, Jr. thanked the DA-CAR for the projects provided to their province. He said that he had seen the importance of having these livelihood projects since it is his top priority. He also requested from his constituents to help in the project management but must observe the guidelines imposed during this CoViD-19 pandemic.

Congressman Maximo Dalog Jr. also extended his gratitude for the efforts of the program management staff and congratulated the beneficiaries for the projects that reached their province. “Kadakayo nga recipients, haan u nga alaen ket partiyen u nga dagus, paaduwen pay san to tayo partiyen,” [For the recipients, may I request that you multiply the stocks first], he added.

Dr. Rodelio Bagawi of the Provincial Veterinarian office also discussed briefly about proper cattle management. He was grateful since most of the municipal mayors in Mountain Province were present and he encouraged them to adopt forage development with high yielding grass, like Napier, “Ta uray nu iseksek tayu iti baka nu awan iti kanen na ket awan sirbi na,” [No matter how many cattle we will have, if there is not enough food for them, it is useless.] he explained.

Dr. Bagawi also commits to help the beneficiaries in the health management of the cattle stocks. These stocks will also be insured under the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation (PCIC).

For his part, Mr. Ramon Calde, the Provincial Agriculture Fisheries Council (PAFC) Chairman, commits to do the monitoring of the Cattle Production Project in the province.

“Aywanan tayo dagiti it-ited da kinya tayo nga benefits ta nu makita da nga ag-succeed dagita ket baka maayatan da. Makatulong kuma iti pamilya tayo tapnu mas pay iti panang-aywan ket makatulong tayo iti barangay. Agbalin tayo nga Most Outstanding iti Agriculture ket lumak-laka iti kasta nga maka-ala iti benefits,” [We need to take care of the projects provided. Once it succeeds, this will be a great help for us, for our families, we can also help our barangays. This will pave the way for us to become the Most Outstanding in Agriculture making the benefits within our reach], Mr. Calde said.

All of the mayors, vice-mayors, and staff in each Local Government Unit (LGU) expressed their gratitude for being the grantee of these projects provided by SAAD.

SAAD’s Implementation in Mountain Province

Mountain Province is among the poorest provinces (based on the Philippine Statistics Authority records) in the Philippines. The majority of its people are relying mainly on agriculture as their source of livelihood. The implementation period of the SAAD Program in the province is from 2019 – 2022.

For the FY 2019 implementation, SAAD covered 10 municipalities in the province with an average allocation of Php 4.5 million each worth of livelihood projects. Among the projects under this budget allocation are the Integrated Farming on Swine, Lemon and Vegetable Production; Integrated Farming on Swine and Rambutan Production; Quail Egg and Banana Production; and Fruit Trees Production Intercrop with soybean. ###


Writer: Dinah Ay-yango, SAAD Mountain Province Information Officer; Evangeline Yambot, SAAD Region Information Officer

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