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239 farmers in Tanudan received agricultural inputs from SAAD

KALINGA, May 8, 2020 – The Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program of CAR distributed assorted agricultural inputs to 239 farmer-beneficiaries in the municipality of Tanudan from May 4 to 8, 2020.

The inputs provided are part of the integrated project for Banana, Calamansi, Pig, and Free-Range Chicken Production worth Php 12,452,000 under the 2019 budget. In addition, each farmer from barangays Dupligan, Pangol, and Mabaca received a pruning shear and 10 egg trays.

Likewise, all of the members of the three (3) farmer’s organizations namely: Bawac Dupligan Alubaggan Pagugo (BDAP) Farmer’s Organization with 112 members; Pangol Farmer’s Improvement Organization (PaFIO) with 64 members; and Mabaca Bomaruwan Farmer’s Organization with 63 members took a power sprayer.

Previously, each beneficiary was granted 10 grafted calamansi seedlings last August 27-28, 2019 as well as six (6) heads of free-range chicken last October 11, 2019. An additional chicken, calamansi, banana suckers, native pigs and other fruit trees are expected to be distributed after the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) period in the province.

SAAD Area Coordinator Ayra Mangatam and Tanudan Agricultural Technician Semion Beligan explained to the farmers the use of the pruning shear, the egg trays, and the power sprayer.

Nadardaras tu ti panag-spray ken panagsibug mi kadagiti mula mi nga saba, calamansi ken daduma pay. Ti ususaren mi gamin tatta ket dagiti knapsack sprayer nga inted metlaeng ti SAAD ngem nabayag,” shared Saldivar Dawagan, the vice president of Pangol Farmer’s Improvement Organization (PaFIO). (The water sprayer will be a big help in applying pesticide and in watering our plantation since it takes time if we use the knapsack sprayer given by SAAD.) ###


Writer: Merry Ann D. Wandas, SAAD Kalinga Information Officer

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