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DA-SAAD CAR holds first ever Beneficiaries Congress in Flora, Apayao

BAGUTONG, FLORA, APAYAO—The Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program of the Department of Agriculture (DA) held its first-ever Beneficiaries Congress in the municipalities of Pudtol (27 November), Sta. Marcela (5 December), and Flora (6 December) in Apayao.

The activities were facilitated for the farmer-partners of Flora, Pudtol, and Sta. Marcela by SAAD Apayao Area Coordinators (ACs) Ms. Ruby Ann Vicerra, and Ms. Marjorie Tangliben; Information Technologist (IT) Ms. Le Ann Aguirre; Administration Assistant III (AA III) Ms. Meliza Feliciano, and AA VI Ms. Karen Drapiza; Agricultural Technicians (ATs) Mr. Roldan Orteza, Mr. Roniel Dugay, and Mr. Jeffrey Calizo.

Association Presidents also gave testimonies, with the MESS Farmers Association of Sta. Marcela being highlighted with the highest income, and as the most well-known reaper in Sta. Marcela. They earned a gross income of 399k for the last cropping. ###

Writer: Ela Arciaga, SAAD PR & Communications Officer

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