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SAAD provides cows and caracows to Zamboanga del Norte

Over fifty (50) heads of cows/caracows have been distributed to different municipalities of Zamboanga del Norte from March to April 2018.

DA-SAAD ZaNorte was launched in 2017 with two objectives, to increase productivity and establish self-sustaining agricultural enterprise communities.

Sibutad Farmers in ZaNorte receives large cattle from the SAAD Program

SIBUTAD, ZAMBOANGA DEL NORTE—Twenty-four (24) farmer-beneficiaries from the Municipality of Sibutad received cows and caracows from the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program of the Department of Agriculture (DA) on March 14, 2018.

In his message, Mayor Eufracio Caidic encouraged the SAAD farmer-beneficiaries to value the grant given to them by the government through DA.  He called on the farmers to take good care of the large ruminants in order that they will reproduce well for the next in-line beneficiaries.

Under the Large Ruminant Dispersal Program, the recipients shall take care of the animal until it will have two (2) offsprings.  The recipients shall eventually own the large ruminant after giving back the offsprings to the Farmers’ Association (FA).

Other than the dispersal of large ruminants, the Municipality of Sibutad has entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with the DA – Regional Satellite Office (RSO) IX for the implementation of Mushroom Production Project.  The project already received fund support from the SAAD Program.

 Siayan farmer-beneficiaries receives thirty (30) heads of cattle

SIAYAN, ZAMBOANGA DEL NORTE—Meanwhile, DA-SAAD still in Zamboanga del Norte, facilitated the turnover of thirty (30) heads of cattle to its farmer-beneficiaries in barangays Litolet, Macasing, and Seriac on April 17 & 19, this year.

These barangays have their own established cooperatives. These cooperatives are the Litolet Consumers Cooperative (LICONCO), Macasing Consumers Cooperative (MACONCO), and Seriac Consumers Cooperative (SECONCO). Ten (10) members of these cooperatives were chosen to be the recipients of DA-SAAD Program.

The first batch of cattle arrived last April 17, 2018, with a partial total of seventeen (17) heads of cattle. Present during the distribution of DA-SAAD inputs were the farmer recipients of LICONCO and SECONCO. Also present were Ms. Jailyn Gamutan, SAAD ZaNorte Livestock Technical Personnel, and Ms. Marcelina Alcazaren, Livestock Inspector from Zamboanga City (DA-RFO IX). The LICONCO farmer recipients received ten (10) heads of cattle while the SECONCO farmer recipients received an initial seven (7) heads of cattle.

On April 19, 2018, the second batch of large ruminants arrived with a remaining total number of thirteen (13) heads of cattle. Present during the second batch of turnover were the farmer recipients of MACONCO and SECONCO. Also present were Ms. Gamutan, Ms. Alcazaren and Ms. Betty Llamelo, OIC-Property Officer, representative of Dipolog City (DA-RSO IX). The second batch fills in the remaining balance of three (3) cattle to comprise a total of ten (20) cattle heads intended for the farmer recipients of SECONCO. On the other hand, the farmer recipients of MACONCO also received a total of ten (10) heads of the same intervention.

All the farmer recipients of the cooperatives were present and expressed their heartfelt appreciation to DA-SAAD for the realization of their dreams for them to grow as agricultural communities.

Also, a similar event happened in the municipality of Katipunan, 23.2 kilometers away from the Provincial Capital of Zamboanga del Norte—that is Dipolog—wherein ten (10) heads of caracows have been dispersed.


Photos and Write-up (Siayan): Dave Gramatica, Area Coordinator II, SAAD-Zamboanga del Norte

Additional Write-up (Sibutad): Ronillo L. Dusaban, Provincial Coordinator, SAAD-Zamboanga del Norte

Photos and Additional Write-up (Katipunan)/Copy Editor: Ela Arciaga, PR & Communications Officer, NPMO

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