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Masbate FA: source of organically-grown vegetables

MASBATE, January 26, 2022 – Thirty-six (36) members of the Sunrise Farmer’s Organization (SFO) in Pio V. Corpus, Masbate started to provide organically-grown vegetables in their community, a substantial outcome from the Organic Agriculture Production Project of the Department of Agriculture’s – Special Area for Agricultural Development (DA-SAAD) Program.

As a starter for their organic farming, the Php 348,250 worth of project package provided to the group in August 2021 included vegetable seeds, vermicast, seedling trays, garden tools, sealer, polyethylene bags, empty sacks, weighing scale, African nightcrawler, vermi tea brewer, and plastic drums.

In September, the group began their venture in organic farming by cultivating a 0.5-hectare (ha) communal garden situated in barangay Buenasuerte. They planted cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, spring onions, and chili.

Members maintained the farm and used botanical pesticides as natural pests and disease control and vermicasts as organic fertilizer to maintain soil fertility, which they learned from the organic agriculture production training provided by the program in October.

The group also minimized expenses on fertilizers as it produces vermicast and vermicompost.

Organic vegetable farming income

From November to December 2021, SFO reported an estimated 113 kilograms (kg) harvest of assorted vegetables that were sold within their community (Table 1).

Due to safety, nutrition value, and human health considerations, consumers prefer to buy organic vegetables.Table 1. SFO’s gross income for two months



Gross Income
















The Php 7,000 accumulated revenue was apportioned by the group for buying assorted vegetable seeds and additional sets of garden tools. The remaining money was saved as the group’s available fund.

SFO president Nelon Atacador extended his gratitude to the program. He stated that the organization is thankful for the interventions that were provided to them.

With the organization currently focused on selling fresh vegetables, SFO is also planning to produce and venture into value-adding products.

This will help them gain more income aside from selling fresh vegetables in the community.

Currently, vegetable crops in their communal area are in the vegetative stage, expected to be harvested in March and April. ###


Writer: Jay A. Ogaya, SAAD Masbate Information Officer
Source: Danilo J. Nelmida, SAAD Masbate Area Coordinator
Photos: Danilo J. Nelmida, SAAD Masbate Area Coordinator

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