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Program Management

The Program Management component comprises activities that are operational and preparatory in nature to ensure efficient and effective program implementation. It also includes monitoring and evaluation to draw relevant inputs to enhance practices and policies.

Social Preparation

The Social Preparation component will encompass a series of training (including needs assessments) in order to ensure readiness and empowerment of the SAAD beneficiaries in accepting and managing the program. It also includes coordinating with partner-agencies and organizations for possible collaboration.

Production and Livelihood Interventions

The Production and Livelihood Interventions component, on the other hand, will entail the livelihood projects to be given based on the assessed needs of the recipients. Interventions given to selected beneficiaries are animals, crops, fisheries production and post-production inputs, tools, machinery, facilities, and equipment to improve their farm and fish production practices and productivity.

Marketing Assistance and Enterprise Development

The Marketing Assistance and Enterprise Development component corresponds to the program’s initiatives to help communities create enterprises by establishing market linkages and providing technical assistance and logistic support.

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