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Municipality Barangay Title of Project Enterprise Established Beneficiaries Name of Association Year Established Cost of Project (Php’ 000)
Group No. of Group Members
31 31 1,397 156,907
Pudtol Alem & Lower Maton Quail Production in Pudtol, Apayao Quail egg 2 7 PIAS Farmers Association & MULA Dur-As Farmers Association 2020 700
Calanasan Tanglagan, Eva, Poblacion Integrated Fruit Trees, Cash Crops Production, and Vermi Composting Facility in Calanasan Fruit and crop 3 75 Baggat Triple A Farmers Association, Eva Indigenous Farmers Association, Bayag Farmers Association 2020 2,476
Conner Allangigan, Banban, Buluan, Cupis, Daga, Guinamgamman, Karikitan, Mabiga, Malama, Puguin, Nabuangan Integrated Fruit Trees and Cash Crops Production in Conner Fruit and crop 3 120 Calaoan Livelihood Farmers Association, Baren Farmers Association, Nabuangan Region Livelihood Farmers Association 2020 3,118
Kabugao Elias K. Bulut, Lenneng, Badduat, Madduang, Laco Integrated Fruit Trees and Cash Crops Adapting SALT in Kabugao Fruit and crop 3 150 Blessed Farmers SAADAssociation, Lucky 7 SAAD Farmers Association, Productive SAAD Farmers Association 2020 3,306
Balbalan Balbalan Proper Integrated Root Crop, Poultry Production in Proper, Balbalan Root crop and poultry 1 116 Gubang Farmers Association 2020 3,123
Mountain Province
Bauko Leseb Brown Egg & Vegetable Production Brown egg 1 50 Leseb Community Farmer’s Association 2020 1,710.00
Barlig Latang Integrated Farming on Swine, Lemon, and Vegetable Production Etag 1 30 Latang Association For Agricultural Development 2020 3,565
Bontoc Dalican Quail Egg and Banana Production Quail egg 1 20 Channeg Farmer’s Organization 2020 2,912
Bontoc Dalican Table Egg and Banana Production Table egg 1 85 Channeg Farmer’s Organization 2020 700
Natonin Pudo Tiger Grass and Swamp Gabi Production Soft broom 1 100 Pudo Farmer’s Organization 2020 640
Sagada Ankileng Swine and Rambutan Production Etag 1 30 Ankileng Rumang-ayan Organization 2020 100
Paracelis Bunot Fruit Trees & Peanut Seeds Production in Bunot, Paracelis Fruit trees & peanut seeds 1 190 Bunot Ambasowan Farmer’s Organization 2020 4,204
Tadian Mabalite Enhancement of Mango Production Mango 1 25 E-Mabalite Farmer’s Organization 2020 320
Sabangan Napua Phase III. Vegetable Production Napua, Sabangan Vegetable 1 30 Napua Farmer’s Timpuyog Organization 2020 116,800
Sagada Ankileng Vegetable Production in Angkileng, Sagada Site 1 Vegetable 1 30 Ankileng Rumang-ayan Organization 2020 1,377
Sagada Ankileng Phase III. Organic Vegetable Production in Angkileng, Sagada Organic vegetable 1 8 Ankileng Rumang-ayan Organization 2020 498
Bontoc Dalican Carabao, and Cattle Production in Dalican, Bontoc Carabao and cattle 1 30 Channeg Farmer’s Organization 2020 1,078
Bontoc Guina-ang Carabao Raising in Guina-ang, Bontoc Carabao 1 17 Aratey Di Inkhawisan Farmer’s Association 2020 510
Bontoc Alab Proper Free-Range Chicken Production in Alab Proper, Bontoc Free-range chicken 1 11 Bilig Bengasan Data Mat-ao Farmer’s Organization 2020 412
Sabangan Napua Free-Range Chicken Production in Napua, Sabangan Free-range chicken 1 86 Napua Farmer’s Timpuyog Organization 2020 3,584
Sadanga Sacasacan Integrated Cattle Raising with Heirloom Rice in Sacasacan, Sadanga Cattle and heirloom rice 1 50 Amkabigat Farmer’s Association 2020 2,503
Sadanga Anabel Free-range Chicken Production in Anabel, Sadanga Free-range chicken 1 10 Anabel Rural Improvement Club 2020 94
Sagada Kilong Free-range Chicken Production in Kilong, Sagada Free-range chicken 1 85 Doccos Farmer’s Organization Inc. 2020 1,481
Tadian Mabalite Enhancement of Cattle Production Project in Mabalite, Tadian (Continuing) Cattle 1 42 E-Mabalite Farmer’s Organization 2020 1,696
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