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Antique farmers hopeful on SAAD’s goat production project
Antique farmers hopeful on SAAD’s goat production project

Antique farmers hopeful on SAAD’s goat production project

ANTIQUE, May 20, 2021 – Four farmers’ associations in San Remigio, Antique received goats from the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program of the Department of Agriculture (DA) – Western Visayas.

The distribution is part of the program’s Php 7.3 million goat production project for 2021. This was an addition to the beneficiaries’ rice production livelihood.

36 members of the Nagbangi I Organic Farmers’ Association from Barangay Nagbangi I, Carawisan II Agrarian Reform Beneficiary Association from Barangay Carawisan with 10 members, General Luna Farmers’ Association from Barangay Luna with 30 members, and Orquia Farmers’ Association from Barangay Orquia with 30 individuals became the recipients as their areas are considered suitable for goat raising. 

Nagbangi I Organic Farmers’ Association was given 72 goats – 12 bucks and 60 does; Carawisan II received 36, with 6 bucks and 30 does; and both the General Luna and Orquia beneficiaries received 36 – 6 bucks and 12 does each.

The distributed goats, which range from 18 months to two years old, were already suitable for breeding. The intervention package included drugs and biologics.

Felma Domiñes, President of Nagbangi I Organic Farmers’ Association, said goat raising is one of the simplest, low-cost livestock production projects that farmers can get involved in. Goats, she added, require low maintenance because they eat tree leaves, grasses, weeds, and agricultural by-products.

“Nalipay gid ako hay ridja run naka abut sa amon ang kanding halin sa SAAD program. Bahul gid ang mabulig kadja nga project sa amon pangabuhi ridja. (I am very happy that the goats from SAAD program were already delivered to our village. This project would be a big help in our lives here),” said Domiñes.

Charmaigne Soriano of the Carawisan II Agrarian Reform Beneficiary Association vowed they will take good care of the goats and eventually integrate the project to an established multiplier farm.

“Nalipay gid ako hay ang amo kadja nga SAAD project sara pa dugang nga bulig sa parangabuhin sa amon barangay. Kun magrako man ang amon mga kanding kag mangin successful ang project, duro gid ang mabuligan ilabi nagid ang amon mga miyembro, (I am very happy because this SAAD project will be an additional source of livelihood in our barangay. Many will be getting assistance especially our members if this project would be successful),” Soriano said.

According to SAAD Focal Person Dominador Marquez, the recipients are not required to pay back, but they have to raise the animals well to later distribute their kids to the other members of the association.

He added that other beneficiaries from Negros Occidental will also be receiving their goats in the coming months.

In 2020, the DA-SAAD team in Region 6 was able to hand over goats to five associations in the five barangays in Laua-an for 298 individuals and had been delivering livelihood projects since 2019 to bolster the marginal farmers’ rice, corn, vegetable, and animal production. 

The sustainable projects provide better opportunities to farmers and livestock owners in pursuing agriculture and livestock raising as businesses. ###


Writer: CJ Gamarcha, Information Officer – SAAD Region 6
Copy-editor: Andrea Ragot, PR and Comms Officer – SAAD NPMO

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