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Eastern Samar is a province in the Eastern Visayas Region which occupies the right portion of the Samar Island thus its name. Its total land area is 466, 047 ha, bounded by the Northern Samar (north), Philippine sea (east), Samar (west) and Leyte Gulf (south). The people of Eastern Samar sum up a total population of 467,160 based on the 2015 Census of Population (PopCen) and a Poverty Incidence rate (per Family) of 55.4 as per the 2012 survey of Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) thus making it one among the priority provinces of the Special Area for Agricultural Development Program for 2017.


The province, known for having a rich historical background, is comprised of 22 municipalities and one city, the Borongan, which is also its capital. The majority of the people in Eastern Samar speak Waray followed by some who speak Cebuano. Eastern Samar’s main economic driver is Agriculture, where it majors in producing coconut, sugarcane, corn, rice, copra and vegetables, and Fisheries.


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