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Negros Oriental (also called Eastern Negros) is a province occupying the south-eastern part of Negros Island Region (NIR). Its total land area is 538,553 ha. facing Cebu (east) and Siquijor (southeast) and boarded by the Sulu Sea (south – southwest). The people of Negros Oriental (Negrenses or Negrosanons) sum up a total population of 1,354,995 based on the 2015 Census of Population (PopCen) and a Poverty Incidence rate (per Family) of  43.9 as per the 2012 survey of Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) thus making it one among the priority provinces of the Special Area for Agricultural Development Program for 2017.


Negros Oriental is made of 6 cities and 19 municipalities with a total of 557 barangays. Its capital is Dumaguete City where the provincial government is also seated. The Negrenses use Cebuano as their dominant dialect spoken next to Hilagaynon/Ilonggo which is more prominent in the Occidental part. The province majors in agriculture due to its wide land areas with a huge production of sugarcane, sweetcorn, rice and coconut. On the other hand, people near the coastal areas prefer fishing as their main source of income.




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