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Region Region XII
Province Maguindanao
General Description The Maguindanao is located at the west of Central Mindanao surrounded by Lannao del Sur to the north, Cotabato to the east, Sultan Kudarat to the south, and the Illana bay to the west.

There Maguindanao is home to tri-people the Muslims, Christians and Lumads co-existing in an atmosphere of religious and cultural solidarity, bound together by a common aspiration for peace in their communities.

Creation The Province of Maguindanao is once part of the empire Province of Cotabato. When there were still less emigrants from Luzon and Visayas, this empire was inhabited by Bangsamoro People and Known as the Moro Province. In 1967, by virtue of Congressional Act, the empire Province of Cotabato was divided into two (2) provinces, Cotabato and South Cotabato.

The late President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos through Presidential decree 341 on November 22, 1973 again divided the Province of Cotabato into three (3) provinces. Thus, the Province of Maguindanao, North Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat came into existence.

When the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao was created by virtue of Republic Act No.6734, Governor Candao resigned and won for the position of Regional Governor of the ARMM. He was succeeded by his then Vice Governor Norodin A. Matalam as governor of Maguindanao. Governor Matalam was elected as governor in 1992 election. In 1995 election, Atty. Zacaria A. Candao won the governship. He was re-elected in May 1998 election.

In the May 14, 2001 elections, Datu Andal S. Ampatuan, Sr. won and was the fifth elected governor of Maguindanao. Under his administration the development thrust of the Province anchored on food security, health, infrastructure and peace and May 14,2007, but resigned in 2008 and succeeded by his son, then Vice- Governor Datu Sajid Islam U. Ampatuan.

Total Land Area 597,052.79 hectares
Income Class 2nd Class
Topography None
Cities 1 independent city ( Cotabato City)
Municipality 36 municipalities
Barangays 508 barangays
District 2 congressional district
Climate Type III and Type IV climate type:

Type III: described as “seasons not very pronounced, relatively dry from November to April and wet for the rest of the year

Type IV: characterized by rainfall which is more or less evenly distributed throughout the year

Total Population 1,173,933(excluding Cotabato City, 2015 PSA estimate)
Ethnicity Maguindanaoans (64.5%); Iranuns (18.4%); Tedurays/ Lumads (8.4%); Hiligaynon; Cebuanos
No. of Household 194,507 (2015 PSA estimate)
Local Dialects Maguindanao and Iranun
Poverty Incidence  48.8% (among families, PSA estimate 2015)
Magnitude of Poor  86,100 (families, PSA estimate 2015)
Annual per Capital Poverty Threshold (2015) Php 21,423
Land Area Devoted for Agriculture  174,789 hectares( Census of Agriculture Vol. 1, 2002)
Land Area Harvested, ha Volume of production, mt Land Area Devoted to SAAD
Major Crops  Palay 152,460 391,924
Corn 169,886 469,162
Mango 12,465 9,233
Coconut 113,045 706,927
Banana 18,225 378,487
Volume of production, mt No. of Heads provided by SAAD
Major Livestock  Carabao 4,084
Cattle 2,439
Swine 4,033
Goat 2,290
Chicken 245
Duck 725
Year Intervention Municipality Number of Beneficiaries
2018 Upland rice production Datu Odin Sinsuat 30
North Upi 60
Corn production(hybrid) Buluan 30
Mangudadatu 30
Datu Odin Sinsuat 30
Datu Abdullah Sangki 30
North Upi 30
Vegetable production Buluan 152
Mangudadatu 152
Datu Odin Sinsuat 152
Datu Abdullah Sangki 152
North Upi 152
Livestock raising Buluan 65
(Goat and Mallard duck) Mangudadatu 65
Datu Odin Sinsuat 65
Datu Abdullah Sangki 65

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