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Compostela Valley
Region Region 11 (Davao Region)
Province Compostela Valley
General Description The Province of Compostela Valley lies in the mid-eastern portion of Mindanao Island approximately within 125° 40’ to 126°17’ East Longitude. It is bounded by Agusan Del Sur on the north; Davao Oriental on the east and south; Davao Gulf on the southwest; and Tagum City, New Corella, Asuncion, San Isidro and Kapalong, all of Davao Del Norte on the west portion.

There are 11 Municipalities comprising the Province of Compostela Valley, which are grouped into two districts. There are District I Monkayo, Montevista, Maragusan, New Balaan and Compostela and District 2 – Laak, Mawab, Nabunturan, Maco, Mabini and Pantukan. The Municipality of Nabunturan was named capital town of the province.

Creation The approval of the Republic Act No. 8470 on January 30,1998 which wits ratified through a plebiscite held on March 7, 1998 marks the birth of Compostela Valley Province. This new province was carved out from the mother province of Davao del Norte. Classified as a first class province. The first elected Governor is Atty. Jose R. Caballero.

The origin of the province’s inhabitants came from the ethnic tribes of the Mansaka, Mandaya, Manobo, Mangguangan, Dibabawon, Aeta, Kamayo, Davaweño and Kalagan. Similar to the history of other Mindanao provinces, most of the present population of the province are descendants of migrants who came from Luzon and Visayas islands during the pre-war and post war eras.

Total Land Area Total Land Area: 466,693 ha

Land Classification:
Alienable and Disposable: 153,097 ha
Forest Land: 313,596 ha

Land Use:
Built-up Area: 12,407
Forest Land: 135,922 ha
Agricultural Land: 140,961 ha
Mining/Quarrying: 17,536 ha
Grassland/Pasture: 137,259 ha
Agro-industrial: 6,150 ha
Tourism: 488 ha
Other uses: 15,439

Income Class 1st Class
Cities None
Municipality 11
Barangays 235
District 2 congressional district
Climate Temperature- Average monthly temperature of the province is at 27.4°C. The warmest occurred in April 28.80°C while the coolest is in January at 24.38°C.
Rainfall- In 2007, the heaviest rainfall occurred in January at 35.30 millimeters and the lightest happened in October at 3.61 millimeters.
Relative Humidity- The highest relative humidity of the province is at 92% while the lowest ranged from 69% to 84%.
Wind Direction- The wind is usually blowing to the north specially during June, July and September; to the north-northeast during August, October, November and December; to the south during April and May; and to the south-southwest in January and February.
Total Population 736,107 (PSA, 2015 Census)
Ethnicity Majority of the population descended from Visayan Migrants. Cebuano is most the widely spoken language.

Other prominent migrant groups are Ilocanos, Tagalogs, and Ilonggos.

Indigenous Ethnic groups: Ata-talaingod, Dibabaonan,Mangungawan
Dominant groups: Mandaya and Mansaka

No. of Household 169,477 (2015 estimate)
Local Dialects Cebuano, Ilocano, Ilonggo
Poverty Incidence 22.0%(PSA, 2015 estimate)
Magnitude of Poor 31,608 (among families)
Annual per Capital Poverty Threshold (2015) Php 22,740 poverty threshold (PSA, 2015 estimate)
Land Area Devoted for Agriculture 229,909 hectares.
Land Area Harvested, ha Volume of production, mt Land Area Devoted to SAAD
Major Crops Palay 25,333 100,137 N/A
Corn 34,065 54,037 N/A
Coconut 44,932 181,778 N/A
Banana 18,788 825,989 N/A
Cassava 576 8,054 N/A
Volume of production, mt No. of Heads provided by SAAD
Major Livestock Carabao 1,617 N/A
Cattle 439 N/A
Swine 17,292 N/A
Goat 426 353
Chicken 6,878 24,000(native)
Duck 1,148 N/A
Year Intervention Municipality Number of Beneficiaries
2018 Upland rice production Monkayo 126
Montevista 82
Laak 126
Mawab 42
Nabunturan 42
Corn Production
Monkayo 100
Montevista 150
Laak 150
Mawab 50
Nabunturan 150
Vegetable Production
Monkayo 450
Montevista 300
Laak 450
Mawab 150
Nabunturan 150
Goat raising
Monkayo 105
Montevista 70
Laak 105
Mawab 35
Nabunturan 38
Native chicken raising
Monkayo 900
Montevista 600
Laak 900
Mawab 300
Nabunturan 300

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