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Southern Leyte
Region Region VIII
Province Southern Leyte
General Description Southern Leyte is one of the six provinces of Eastern Visayas or Region VIII. Canigao Channel bound it on the north by Leyte province; on the east by the Pacific Ocean; on the south by Mindanao Sea; and on  the west the Canigao Channel. It covers about one-fourth(1/4) of the island of Leyte. It has 19 municipalities.Four island and islet are within the territorial jurisdiction of Southern Leyte: Panaon, the only island linked to the mainland by a bridge, the historic island municipality of Limasawa which is the site of the first Christian Mass in the Far East, and the islets of San Pedro and San Pablo in Hinunangan.
Creation After various attempts to pass a law to divide the Leyte Island, House Bill No. 1318 proposed by Congressman Nicanor E. Yñiguez became Republic Act No. 2227 and was signed into Law by President Carlos P. Garcia on May 22, 1959. The new province was inaugurated on July 1, 1960.
Total Land Area 179,861 has.
Topography Relatively flat lands along the coastal areas where population centers lay, but rugged and mountainous towards the interior characterize the province.Southern Leyte has numerous small rivers in addition to at least eleven(11) major rivers include Canturing River in Maasin, Amparo River in Macrohon, Divisoria River in Bontoc, Subang Daku River in Sogod, Lawigan Hinunangan, and Maag River in Silago.
Income Class 3rd Class
District Lone district
Cities (1) Maasin City
Municipality (18) Anahawan; Bontoc; Hinunangan; Hinundayan; Libagon; Liloan; Macrohon; Malitbog; Padre Burgos;Pintuyan; Saint Bernard; San Francisco; San Juan (Cabalian); San Ricardo; Silago; Sogod; Tomas Oppus; Limasawa
Barangays 500: 255 coastal and 245 non-coastal
Climate Generally, the province has no dry season with rainfall more or less evenly distributed throughout the year. It has a pronounced maximum rainfall occurring from July to December.
Total Population(2015)
Ethnicity According to the 2000 census survey, Bisaya comprised 80.74%(290,460) of the total provincial population of 359,738. 12.64%(45,458) were Boholano, 5.15%(18,543) Cebuano, 0.2%(711) Tagalogs, and 0.15%(536) WarayIn Panaon, an island situated in the southernmost part of the province, a certain aboriginal folk are found locally known as kongking or variously called mamanwa which means “mountain people”.
No. of Household (2015) 420,374
Local Dialects Boholano-Cebuano, Waray, Filipino(Tagalog), English, Spanish
Poverty Incidence (2015) 30.20%
Magnitude of Poor (2015) 27,083
Annual per Capital Poverty Threshold (2015) Php 23,318
Land Area Devoted for Agriculture (2002) 62,220 has.
Land Area Land Area Devoted to SAAD
Major Crops (2014) Palay 21,867 Harvested/has.
Corn 4,380 Harvested/has.
Coconut 32,129 Harvested/has.
Mango 214 Harvested/has.
Banana 9,901 Harvested/has.
No. of Heads No. of Heads provided by SAAD
Major Livestock (2016) Carabao 13,535
Cattle 3,563
Chicken 371,872
Duck 13,793
Goat 3,880
Year Interventions Municipalities Number of Beneficiaries
2018 Rice Production Enhancement Malitbog 90
Sogod 40
Libagon 40
St.Bernard 140
San Francisco 40
Bontoc 130
Swine Production(boars and gilts) San Francisco 33
Libagon 33
Tomas Oppus 33
Sogod 11
Swine Fattening Project Liloan 90
Pintuyan 90
Malitbog 90
Libagon 90
Sogod 40
Swine Fattening Project (establishment of 2 hogstels) Libagon 1 group
Liloan 1 group
Corn Production (3 power tillers with multicultivator) Malitbog 36
Bontoc 37
Tomas Oppus 37
Sogod 10
Cassava Production (3 cassava shredders) Malitbog 20
Liloan 20
Tomas Oppus 20
Sogod 40
Bontoc 20
Cassava Production (3 cassava spinners) Malitbog 20
Liloan 20
Tomas Oppus 20
Sogod 40
Libagon 20

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