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Northern Samar
Region Region VIII
Province Northern Samar
General Description Northern Samar is located in the northernmost portion of Samar, the third largest island of the country. It is 732.72 kilometers southeast of Manila. The Pacific Ocean bound Northern Samar on the east, the San Bernardino Strait on the north, the Samar Sea on the west and Samar on the south. Its capital is Catarman.
Creation The province of Northern Samar was created by Republic Act No. 4221 which was approved by Congress on June 19, 1965 dividing the whole island of Samar into three independent provinces namely; Northern Samar, Western Samar (subsequently renamed Samar) and Eastern Samar.
Total Land Area 369,293 has.
Topography It is composed largely of low extremely rugged hills and small lowland areas. It has also small and discontinuous areas along the coast and its rivers, which are usually accompanied by alluvial plains and valleys. The province is endowed with relatively rich and fertile that most crops can grow on it.
Income Class 2nd Class
District 2
Cities 0
Municipality (24) San Vicente; Capul San Antonio; Allen; Biri; Victoria; San Isidro;Rosario; San Jose; Bobon; Catarman Mondragon; Silvino Lobos; San Roque; Pambujan; Laoang; Catubig; Las Navas; Palapag; Mapanas; Gamay; Lapinig
Barangays 569
Climate The province has no distinct dry or wet season but it has pronounced rainfall from October to January. The heaviest percipitation occurs in November. May is relatively the driest month.
Total Population(2015) 632,379
Ethnicity The people of Northern Samar were previously called Ibabaonon. They are predominantly Waray-Waray or Waray, the people of Eastern Visayas or Samar-Leyte region. To distinguish themselves from the Westehanon(people from Samar) and Estehanon (from Eastern Samar) when Samar Islad was split into three provinces in 1965, and the Leyteños(the people from the Leyte Island), they now call themselves as Ninorte Samarenyo or Nortehanon.
No. of Household (2015) 126,562
Local Dialects About 91.9% of the household population speaks Waray/Norte Samarnon while other dialects spoken in include Cebuano(2.90%, Abaknon (2.13%), Bisaya(1.78), Tagalog and Muslim (0.15%).
Poverty Incidence (2015) 47.90%
Magnitude of Poor (2015) 57,003
Annual per Capital Poverty Threshold (2015) Php 21,574
Land Area Devoted for Agriculture (2002) 179,503 has.
Land Area Land Area Devoted to SAAD
Major Crops (2014) Palay 41,106 Harvested/has.
Corn 8,602 Harvested/has.
Coconut 85,661 Harvested/has.
Mango 85 Harvested/has.
Banana 5,396 Harvested/has.
No. of Heads No. of Heads provided by SAAD
Major Livestock (2016) Carabao 40,124
Cattle 3,470
Chicken 213,516
Duck 22,646
Goat 2,218
Year Interventions Municipalities Number of Beneficiaries
2016 Rice Production
• Training (50)
• Rice seeds (2,500 bags)
• Urea (2,500 bags)
• Complete fertilizer (2,500 bags)
• Pump and engine sets (35 units)
• Hand tractors (76 units)
Data not available Data not available
Corn Production
• Training (12)
• OPV seeds (300 bags)
• Urea (300 bags)
Data not available Data not available
Vegetable Production
• Training (6)
• Rain shelter (45 units)
Data not available Data not available
Organic Vegetable Production
• Training (5)
Data not available Data not available
Livestock Production
• Training (5)
• Dairy goatstel farm (1)
• Incubators (3 units)
• Hostel (1 unit)
Data not available Data not available
2017 Enhanced Rice Production Arteche 84
Balangkayan 84
Dolores 86
Gen. Macarthur 84
Hernani 84
Jipapad 84
Maslog 84
Oras 85
Quinapondan 114
San Policarpo 84
2017 Enhanced Corn Production Balangkayan 30
Dolores 30
Gen. Macarthur 30
Maslog 30
Quinapondan 59
Enhanced Vegetable Gardening Arteche 44
Balangkayan 44
Dolores 44
Gen. Macarthur 44
Hernani 44
Jipapad 44
Maslog 44
Oras 44
Quinapondan 44
San Policarpo 44
Enhanced Poultry Production Arteche 100
Balangkayan 100
Dolores 100
Gen. Macarthur 100
Hernani 100
Jipapad 100
Maslog 100
Oras 100
Quinapondan 100
San Policarpo 100
Swine Fattening Project Arteche 59
Balangkayan 42
Dolores 45
Gen. Macarthur 45
San Policarpo 55
Quinapondan 45
Oras 59
Sustainable Goat Production Arteche 15
Balangkayan 15
Dolores 15
Gen. Macarthur 15
Hernani 15
Jipapad 15
Maslog 15
Oras 15
Quinapondan 15
San Policarpo 15
2018 Poultry Production (mallard duck) Borongan City 40
Hernani 40
Rice Production (2 rice cutters) Arteche 2
Balangiga 2
Borongan City 2
Balangkayan 2
Can-avid 2
Dolores 2
Giporlos 2
Gen. Macarthur 2
Hernani 2
Jipapad 2
Lawaan 2
Llorente 2
Maslog 2
Maydolong 2
Oras 2
Quinapondan 2
Salcedo 2
San Julian 2
San Policarpo 2
Sulat 2
Taft 2
Swine Production Borongan City 43
Hernani 43
Corn Production (1 power tiller with multi cultivator Can-avid 1 group

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