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Negros Oriental
Total Population 1,354,995
Ethnicity The predominant ethnic groups in the province were Cebuano and Bisaya. About 48 percent of the total household population classified themselves as Cebuano and over 46 percent classified themselves as Bisaya/Binisaya. The remaining six percent of the household population belonged to other ethnic groups, which include Hiligayo/Ilonggo, Karay-a, Kankanai/kankaney/Kankanaey, Tagalog and Binukid/ Bukidnon.
No. of Household 284,740
Local Dialects Negros Oriental is culturally-oriented towards Cebu. Most of the people who inhabit the coastal towns speak Cebuano. Other dialects spoken are Tagalog and Ilonggo.
Poverty Incidence 38.70 % (among families)
Magnitude of Poor (families) 131, 317 (among families)
Annual per Capital 18,589
Land Area Devoted for Agriculture 27,444.07 (8% of the total land area)
Land Area Land Area Devoted to SAAD
Major Crops Palay 23,139 has
Corn 59,664 has
Mango 3,967 has
Banana 8,024 has
No. of Heads No. of Heads provided by SAAD
Major Livestock Carabao 64,066 heads
Cattle 63,467 heads
Goat 168,452 heads
Duck 100,949 heads
Chicken 2,211,077 heads
Region Region VII
Province Negros Oriental
General Description The Island of Negros is the second largest in the Visayas, after Panay. The natives of old called it BUGLAs, after the tall reeds predominant on the island. In 1527 Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, anchored in Bohol, sent an expedition to explore the neighboring landmass that was BUGLAS. The crew returned with reports of dark – skinned natives on the island, and so it was thereafter referred to as NEGROS.
Total Land Area 5,402.3 sq. km.
Topography Characterized by low but serrated mountain ranges, most parts are close to the shoreline.
Income Class 3rd Class
Cities Composed of six (6) component cities namely:
-Canlaon City
-Bais City
-Dumaguete City
-Bayawan City
Municipalities Composed of 19 municipalities namely:

-La Libertad

-San Jose
-Sta. Catalina

Barangays 133 barangays
District 1 congressional districts
Climate The whole eastern part of the province falls under the this type of climate which is characterized by not very pronounced maximum rainfall with a short dry season from 1 to 3 months. The other half falls under the first type, characterized by a distinct wet and dry season. Average monthly rainfall distribution in 2002 ranged from 12.6 millimeters(mm) to 169.7mm with a minimum of six rainy days and a maximum of 17 rainy days.
Year Interventions Municipalities Number of Beneficiaries
2017 Amlan Abakahuyan Based Manokan Project Amlan 2 (groups)
Backyard Cattle Fattening Project Amlan 59 (indivduals)
Dispersal Of Draft Animal (Carabao) Amlan 30 (indivduals)
Integrated Livelihood Project Amlan 342 (indivduals)
Urban Organic Gardening Project For 8 Poblacion Barangays of Dumaguete City Dumaguete 126 (individuals)
Livestock Productivity Dispersal Program Through Cattle Development Project In San Jose, Negros Oriental San Jose 33 (individuals)
Mechanized Organic Vegetable and High Value Fruits Production Sibulan 1 (group)
Provision Of Corn Mill Sibulan 5 (groups)
NOCCI(Integrated Cacao Development Project) Sibulan 1 (group)
Enhancing The Sustainable Agricultural Productivity Of Ayungon’s Farmers Thru Provision of Corn And Rice Seeds And Organic Fertilizers Ayungon 3 (groups)
Support To Rice Production Bindoy 6(groups)
Establishment Of Sustainable Corn Production In Sloping Areas(SCoPSA) Bindoy 2 (groups)
Organic Production (NOROMGA) Bindoy 1(group)
Draft Animal Dispersal (Carabao) Mabinay 30 ( individuals)
Integrated Livelihood Project (Vegetable Prodction, Cutflower Production,Rice Production And Dairy Production-Livestock) Manjuyod 4 (groups)
Provision Of Windmill Manjuyod 2 (individuals
Backyard Cattle Fattening Project Bacong 120 (individuals)
Carabao Dispersal For Custom Plowing, And Native Chicken Dispersal Project Valencia 1 (groups)
Cocoa Production Valencia 160 (individuals)
Dairy Cattle Production Dispersal Project Valencia 25 (individuals)
Establishment Of Abaca Nursery Area And Rehabilitation Of Abaca 100-Hectare Farm Valencia 12 (individuals)
Provision Of Agricultural Inputs In Vegetable Production Valencia 50 (individuals)
Provision Of Post Harvest Multi- Purpose Solar Dryer Concrete Pavement Facility (30x20x6) Valencia 1 (group)
Acquisition Of Post-Harvest Facilities: Kiskisan Rice Mill, Solar Bubble Dryer, Palay Cutter, Vaccuum Sealer And Chiller And Acquisition of Palay Reapers(Cutter) Bayawan 1 (group)
Support To Rice & Corn Community Seed Banking Program Sta. Catalina 10 (individuals)
Integrated Goat-Based Farming Project Sta. Catalina 1 (group)
Baboyang Walang Amoy Project Sta. Catalina 1 (group)
Chicken Egg Production (Egg Layer Machine) Project Canlaon City 7 (groups)
Cattle Dispersal Livelihood Support Project La Libertad 5 (groups)
Upscaling Of the Barangay Sagip-Saka(Convservation Farming Villages – Cfv-Ourfood) Program As A Strategy For Climate Change Adaptation And Sustainable Upland Development In La Libertad, Negros Oriental Jimalalud 39 (individuals)
Hillyland Agricultural Development Project Vallehermoso 40 (individuals)
Development Of Hillyland Farming For A Sustainable Agriculture Vallehermoso 40 (individuals)
Provision Of Draft Animals( Carabao) As Livelihood For Marginal Farmers In A Non-Mechanized Farming System Tayasan 2 (groups)
Sustainable Livelihoood Enhancement Thru Swine Production Project Tayasan 11 (groups)
Rice and Corn Seed Production Pamplona 71 (individuals)
Cattle Upgrading And Dispersal Pamplona 20 (individuals)
Carabao Draft Animal to Farmers of Brgy Sto. Niño,Tanjay Negros Oriental Tanjay 85 (individuals)
Cattle Fattening Project dauin 114 (individuals)
Productivity Enhancement Thru Acquisition of Farm Machineries And Equipment Zamboanguita 1 (group)
Procurement Of Agricultural Equipment (Floating Tiller, Hand Tractor, Mechanical Rice Tresher And Rubberized Ricemill) And Support To Rice Production In Rainfed Areas Basay 1 (group)
Chicken Egg Production(Egg Layer Machine) Project Basay 1 (group)
Integrated Agricultural Development Project( Support To Informal Seed Growers(Certified Rice Seed Production Support To Palay Production In Rainfed And Selected Irrigated Areas( Hybrid Rice), Swine Fattening & Dispersal Project, Vermi Composting Project) Siaton 2 (group)
Agro-Forestry Based Organic Chicken(Organic Manok) Production Project Bais 3 (group)
2018 Upland Rice Production Basay 4 (group)
Goat Production Basay
Upland Rice Production Mabinay
Upland Rice Production Canlaon City
Upland Rice Production Siaton
Upland Rice Production Jimalalud
Upland Rice Production Tayasan
Goat Production Tayasan
Upland Rice Production La Libertad
Goat Production La Libertad
Upland Rice Production Sta. Catalina
Goat Production Sta. Catalina
Goat Production Ayungon
Goat Production Bindoy
TOTAL 958(individuals)

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