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Particulars Description
Total Population 792,949(2015)
Ethnicity IP’s of matnog/IP’s of Donsol/IP’s of Pilar/IP’s of Pto.Diaz
No. of Household 153,869
Local Dialects Sorsoganon,Bisakol, Bisaya Naga, Miraya Bicol
Poverty Incidence 31.7% on families, 41.3 % on population
Magnitude of Poor (families) 50,324 families (2012)
Annual per Capital P20,480.00 (2015)
Land Area Devoted for Agriculture 126,594 ha.
Land Area Land Area Devoted to SAAD
Major Crops Palay 50 has
Corn 75 has
No. of Heads No. of Heads provided by SAAD
Major Livestock Chicken 865,914 865,914
Carabao 34,215 10
Duck 49,260 49,260
Cattle 16,403
Goat 6,335 180
Native Pig 10
Duck 300 heads
Region Region V
Province Sorsogon
General Description The Province of Sorsogon is located at the southernmost tip of the Bicol Peninsula. It is bounded on the north by the Province of Albay, on the east and northeast by the Pacific Ocean, on the south by the San Bernardino Strait and the west and northwest by the Ticao and Burias Passes. The province has an irregular coastline with good harbors in Bulan, Magallanes and along the Shore of Sorsogon Bay.

Sorsogon is known for its historic and panoramic places such as the “baluartes” in Sta. Magdalena, Bacon, Matnog, Casiguran, and Bulusan; the Irosin Church in Irosin; the tranquil Bulusan Lake and the geologically young Bulusan Volcano in Bulusan.

Total Land Area 2,141.44km²
Cities 1 city
Municipalities 14 municipalites
Barangays 541 barangays
District two congressional districts
Climate Type II and IV
Year Interventions Municipalities Number of Beneficiaries
2017-2018 Upland Rice Pilar 4,727
Corn Donsol 80 indivduals
Juban 50 indivduals
Matnog 50 indivduals
Pilar 35 indivduals
Donsol 33 indivduals
Magallanes 7 indivduals
Juban 38 indivduals
Matnog 37 indivduals
Vegetable Pilar 43 groups
690 indivduals
Donsol 43 groups
690 indivduals
Magallanes 43 groups
690 indivduals
Juban 57 groups
690 indivduals
Matnog 57 groups
690 indivduals
Sta. Magdalena 57 groups
690 indivduals
Goat Pilar 5 individuals
Donsol 5 individuals
Magallanes 5 individuals
Juban 10 individuals
Matnog 10 individuals
Sta. Magdalena 10 individuals
Native Chicken Pilar 7 individuals
Donsol 7 individuals
Magallanes 15 individuals
Juban 18 individuals
Matnog 19 individuals
Sta. Magdalena 19 individuals
Duck Pilar 1 group
Donsol 4 individuals
Magallanes 10 individuals
Juban 35 indivduals
Matnog 11 individuals
Draft Animal Pilar 1 group
Juban 1 group
Native Piglet Pilar 1 individual
Donsol 1 individual
Magallanes 2 individuals
Juban 2 individuals
Matnog 2 individuals
Sta. Magdalena 2 individuals
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