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Zamboanga del Norte
Region Regional Field Office IX
Province Zamboanga del Norte
General Description Zamboanga del Norte is a province located on the Northern portion of Zamboanga Peninsula or Region IX and on the Western boarder of Mindanao, Dipolog as its Capital, Zamboanga del Norte is the largest province of Zamboanga Peninsula. Famous by the beauty and charm of the orchid City of Dipolog and the historical rural strangeness of the shrine City of Dapitan. Every 1st week of June, the people celebrated the “Saulog Festival”. It is enclosed by the Sulu Sea (north and west), Misamis Occidental (northeast) and of both Zamboanga Del Sur and Zamboanga Sibugay (south). Zamboanga del Norte became an independent province on June 06, 1952 under the Republic Act 711.
Total Land Area 7,301 sq. km or 730,100 hectares
Topography plain,slightly rolling, rolling to hilly to mountainous
Cities 2 component cities
Municipality 25 Municipalities
Barangays 691 Barangays
District 3 Districts
Climate Third Type (dry from February- April and wet from May – January) – Southern Part and Fourth Type( rainfall is more or less evenly distributed throughout the year except on February)- Northern Part.
Total Population(2015) 1,011,393
Ethnicity Bisaya/Binisaya (51.6 percent), Cebuano (22.2 percent), and Subanen/Subanen (16.8 percent). The remaining 9.4 percent were Kolibugan/Kalibugan(2.3 percent), Boholano (1.2 percent), and the rest as other ethnic groups (less thatn 1.0 percent each)
No. of Household (2015) 224,828
Local Dialects Cebuano, Visayan, Subaden, Tausug, Chavacano,English, Tagalog
Poverty Incidence (2015) 41.40%
Magnitude of Poor (2015) 99,149 (families)
Annual per Capital Poverty Threshold (2015) 21,725 poverty threshold (in pesos)
Land Area Devoted for Agriculture (2002)
Land Area Land Area Devoted to SAAD
Major Crops (2014) Palay 36,362 Harvested/has.
Corn 41,530 Harvested/has.
Coconut 208,870 Harvested/has.
Mango 11,840 Harvested/has.
Banana 8,430 Harvested/has. 33 has
Total 307,032 has
No. of Heads No. of Heads provided by SAAD
Major Livestock (2016) Chicken 1.9 M heads
Carabao 62, 790 heads
Goat 61,468 heads
Cattle 54,340 heads
Duck 47,374 heads
Total 2,125,972 heads
Year Interventions Municipalities Number of Beneficiaries
2017 Cassava Production Dapitan City 105 (individuals)
Goat Production Dapitan City
Mushroom Production Sibutad 239 (individuals)
Livestock Dispersal Sibutad 24 (individuals)
Vegetable Production La libertad 24 (individuals)
Sweetcorn and Goat Production La libertad 15 (individuals)
Native Chicken Production La libertad 25 (individuals)
Poultry Production Mutia 168 (individuals)
Integrated farming (Corn, Peanut and Carabao) Piñan 26 (individuals)
Hog raising Production Polanco 98 (individuals)
Broiler Production Polanco 72 (individuals)
Yellow and Sweet corn Production Polanco 30 (individuals)
Corn Production Rizal 53 (individuals)
Vegetable Production Rizal 100 (individuals)
Layer Chicken Production Rizal 110 (individuals)
Vegetable Production Sergio Osmeña 156 (individuals)
Broiler Production Sergio Osmeña 50 (individuals)
Fruit bearing trees, Vegetables and Native Chicken Production Dipolog City 600 (individuals)
Carabao Dispersal Katipunan 50 (individuals)
Native Chicken Dispersal Manukan 96 (individuals)
Corn (hybrid) Production and Upland Rice Production Jose Dalman 95 (individuals)
Coffee Production Pres. M. Roxas 121 (individuals)
Corn Production Pres. M. Roxas
Resource Enhancement And Enterprise Building In the Uplands (Banana, Upland Rice, Cattle) Siayan 93 (individuals)

SAAD distributes Vegetable Production inputs to Catanduanes

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SAAD celebrates Upland Rice Harvest Field Day in Sindangan, ZaNorte

SINDANGAN, ZAMBOANGA DEL NORTE – Farmer-partners of the Department of Agriculture (DA) – Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program from Barangay Imelda, municipality of Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte (ZaNorte) commenced their Upland Rice Harvest Field Day on October 8,…

More disease-free, tissue-cultured banana plantlets for Siayan farmers

SIAYAN, ZAMBOANGA DEL NORTE – From over 30,000 disease-free, tissue-cultured lakatan plantlets distributed from 2017 and 2018, the farmer-partners from seven (7) barangays of Siayan received additional planting inputs of 25,000 lakatan plantlets for 2019. The Special Area for Agricultural…

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