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Particular Description
Total Population 119,184(2015 Census)
Ethnicity Ilocano,Isnag,Malaueg,Isneg,Kalinga,Kankanaey,Bontoc,Ibaloi
No. of Household 24,840(2015)
Local Dialects Ilocano,Isnag,Malaueg,Isneg,Kalinga,Kankanaey,Bontoc,Ibaloi
Poverty Incidence 54.69%(2015)
Prevalence of under nutrition among 0-71 months old(%) Calanasan(7.48),Conner(6.12),Kabugao(7.18),Flora(9.87),Luna(7.15),Pudtol(9.66),Sta.Marcela(9.84)(2012)
Magnitude of Poor (families) 6,872
Annual per capita food threshold (in pesos) 13,682(urban);13,005(rural)(2012)
Region Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)
Province Apayao
General Description The province is almost equally mountainous/hilly (Upper Apayao) and flat(Lower Apayao) with intermittent patches of valleys and plateaus. The municipalities of Calanasan,Conner and Kabugao are in Upper Apayao while the municipalities of Flora, Luna, Pudtol and Sta. Marcela are located in Lower Apayao. Apayao was foremerly a part of the old province of Kalinga-Apayao. However, on February 14, 1995 Republic Act No. 7878 authored by Congressman Elias K. Bulut of the lone district of Kalinga-Apayao, was passed converting the province of Kalinga-Apayao into separate and regular provinces: Kalinga and Apayao
Total Land Area  5113.11,790 ha
Topography 17°45’N121°15’E
District/s 1
Cities 0
Municipalities 7
Barangays 133
District 1 congressional district
Climate Corona’s Type III Classification
Land Area Devoted for Agriculture 27,444.07(8% of the total land area)
Land Area Land Area Devoted to SAAD
Major Crops Palay 27,552 has
Corn 6,784 has
Banana 525 has
Cacao 30 has
Coffee 121 has
Cassava 790 has
No. of Heads No. of Heads provided by SAAD
Major Livestock Goat 2,974 Heads  33 heads
Swine 60 heads
Poultry 300 heads
Year Intervention Municipality Number of Beneficaries
2016 Provision of Seeds Calanasan 270(individuals)
Provision of Fertilizer Calanasan 48(individuals)
Program Management Appraisal & Evaluation Calanasan 1(group)
Capability Building Training Calanasan 1(group)
Livelihood Skills Training Calanasan 1(group)
Corn Hybrid Calanasan 29(individuals)
Livelihood Training Calanasan
Distribution of IEC Materials Calanasan
2017 Integrated Crop Production(Rice,Corn,Assorted Vegetables) 1,588(individuals)
Large and Small Ruminant Production 50(individuals
Hogstel Project / Swine Production 25(individuals
Poultry Production 90(individuals)
Market Support Project 3(groups)
2018 Livelihood for Enhanced Rice-Related Activities 300(individuals)
Livelihood for Enhanced Corn-Related Activities 530(individuals)
High Value Crops 350(individuals)
Livestock 13(groups)

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