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Lanao del Norte

Cattle Production
Swine Production
Diversified Crop Production Development
Livelihood for Enhanced Poultry Production
Provision of Livestock
Poultry Egg Production
Enhanced Vegetable Gardening
Organic Vegetable Production
Rice Production
Corn Production

The Province of Lanao del Norte, in the national geographical setting, is situated in the northwestern part of Mindanao- Region10. Its capital is   the municipality of Tubod. Lanao del Norte is bordered from the north by Iligan Bay, Misamis Oriental, Bukidnon, Lanao del Sur and Illana Bay, Pagadian Bay, Zamboanga del Sur.

Like any Provinces in Mindanao, Lanao del Norte has a coastal to mountain ecosystems since the province lies along the coast of Iligan and Kolambugan Bays stretching up to the tip of Panguil Bay and extending to the coast of Illana Bay in the south.

The province has a total land area of 334,657 hectares with 22 municipalities with 1 independent city and 462 barangays (PhilAltas, 2020) its traversed by many rivers, the most essential of which is the Agus River that feeds the notable Ma. Christina Falls, a major source of hydro-electrical power throughout Mindanao which generates 80% of the Mindanao power grid.

Base on the PSA 2018, out of the total area of 334,657 hectares 174,332 hectares where use in farming. Table 2 shows that the major crops in the province are; palay, corn, coconut (with husk), banana, cassava and sweet potato while in livestock (cattle, carabao, goat, swine) and poultry (duck and chicken) got the highest inventory of animals.

In 2019, the province of Lanao del Norte produced a total of 81,084.64 MT fishes, which is 4.1% higher compared to the 2018 production of 77,875.55MT contributing 1.84% and 1.79%, respectively, to the Philippine Fisheries Production.

Of the 81,084.64MT of the 2019 production, 14.6% comes from Commercial Fisheries, 18.1% comes from Municipal Fisheries, and 67.3% comes from Aquaculture Production.

Of the 55,342.55 MT productions in 2019, 50.6% comes from seaweeds, 48.5% from brackish water fishponds, and the remaining 0.9% comes from freshwater fish ponds, marine pens, and cages. Major aquaculture commodities include seaweeds, milkfish, tilapia, prawn, and crabs.


Source: PSA, 2019

 Based on PSA 2018, Lanao del Norte’s annual per capita poverty threshold is Php 24,450 with a recorded decrease in percentage of poverty incidence among families of 19.1% from the 38.1% in 2015 to 19.0% in 2018.

In terms of the poverty incidence situation in Lanao del Norte, the municipality of Nunungan at 69.1% has the highest poverty incidence while the city of Iligan at 17.3% has the lowest.

Agriculture Sector

In 2019, with livelihood interventions amounting to Php 44 million, the province of Lanao del Norte were selected to be part of DA-SAAD Program under DA Regional Office 10. There were selected six (6) municipalities namely; Sapad, Nunungan, Matungao, Linamon, Poona Piagapo and Tangcal to receive DA-SAAD agricultural and livelihood projects.

The selection of this municipalities to be covered by SAAD Program were based on its poverty rate. In terms of its project implementation the regional office decided to download funds to LGUs for them to lead the procurement of agricultural inputs in close coordination with DA-SAAD Regional Program Management Support Office (RPMSO)with an equally distributed budget among the six municipalities under SAAD Program.


Project Title Barangay Farmers Association Number of Beneficiaries Amount
Cattle, Swine and Crop Production Robocon 20 7,469,600.00
Purakan 16
Bosque 15
Samburon 15
Poblacion 14
Napo 15
Magoong 11
TOTAL 106 7,469,600.00
Project Title Barangay Farmers Association Number of Beneficiaries Amount
Diversified Crop Production Development Pasayanon 30 7,469,600.00
Poblacion 30
Puntod 20
Santa Cruz 20
TOTAL 100 7,469,600.00
Project Title Barangay Farmers Association Number of Beneficiaries Amount
Livelihood for Enhanced Poultry Production Masibay 25 7,469,600.00
Paridi 25
Abaga 25
Katubuan 25
TOTAL 100 7,469,600.00
Project Title Barangay Farmers Association Number of Beneficiaries Amount
Livelihood for Enhanced Livestock related activities Poultry Egg Production and enhanced Vegetable Gardening related activities-Organic Vegetable Production Pendolonan 70 7,469,600.00
TOTAL 70 7,469,600.00
Project Title Barangay Farmers Association Number of Beneficiaries Amount
Integrated Agricultural Livelihood Project (Provision of Livestock and Poultry Production) Malasalug 100 7,469,600.00
Inudaran I 93
TOTAL 193 7,469,600.00
Project Title Barangay Farmers Association Number of Beneficiaries Amount
Integrated Agricultural Livelihood Project
(UPL Rice and Corn)
Biruwai 10 7,469,600.00
Punod 10
Big Banisilon 10
Bubong 10
Small Meladuc 10
Small Banisilon 10
Lamaosa 15
Linao 15
TOTAL 90 7,469,600.00

HMRA members amass Php 547K revenue from bangus project

 LANAO DEL NORTE, October 13, 2021 – Hukbong Mananagat in Riverside Association (HMRA) with 29 members in Kolambugan, Lanao del Norte earned Php 547,947 after selling 4,590 kilograms (kg) of…

Elder in Linamon, LDN earns Php 20K from selling pigs

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Woman farmer earns Php 52K from chicken production project

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25 Higaonon farmers from Iligan receive inputs for SAAD’s tilapia production

LANAO DEL NORTE, August 11, 2021 – Twenty-five Higaonon farmers in Iligan City, Lanao del Norte received Php 200,000 worth of inputs for Tilapia Culture in Pond Project of the…

Hog raiser in Linamon, LDN earns Php 39K from Swine Production Project

A mother of two and wife of a farmer, Nerissa G. Gepitulan, from Linamon, Lanao del Norte (LDN) earned more than Php 39,000 from selling swine, a livelihood provided by…

SAAD to establish free-range chicken multiplier farms in 17 NorMin towns

NORTHERN MINDANAO, July 15, 2021 – As the agriculture sector plays vital part in the nation’s recovery from the effects of the CoViD-19 pandemic, the Special for Agricultural Development (SAAD)…

LDN fisherfolk earns Php 162K from tilapia culture

LANAO DEL NORTE, July 12, 2021 – The Pandanan Fisherfolk Association from Sultan Naga Dimaporo, Lanao del Norte earned Php 162,000 from selling 2,103 kilograms (kg) tilapia on July 7…

Four fisherfolk cooperatives in LDN earn more than Php 3M from bangus production

LANAO DEL NORTE, June 5, 2021 – In simultaneous fish harvests in April and May, four fisherfolk cooperatives in Lala, Tubod, Kulambogan, and Baroy earned Php 3,032,480 after selling 22.77 tons…

Farmers and Fishers: the stalwart sectors

Farmers and fishers, our country’s traditional backbone, should be given the most importance with or without this global pandemic. Many have pointed out that these two sectors are overlooked, which…

Php 11.2M worth SAAD’s CoViD-19 mitigation projects help MisOcc farmers have stable income

MISAMIS OCCIDENTAL, January 8, 2021 - Two farmers in the province testified that they now have stable income after being included as recipients of the Php 11.2 million worth of…

Sec Dar leads turnover of Php 10.4 million livelihood projects in LDN

LANAO DEL NORTE, November 24, 2020 – Secretary William Dar of the Department of Agriculture (DA) led the turnover of Php 10.4 million worth of livelihood projects to the eight local…

106 farmers implement the Integrated Livelihood Project in Linamon

LANAO DEL NORTE, September 25, 2020 - One hundred six (106) individual farmers in Linamon received Php 954,000.00 worth of garden tools with cacao seedlings from the Special Area for…

Nunungan farmers receive Php 7.4M RTL Chicken Project

LANAO DEL NORTE, August 24, 2020 - Some 100 individual farmers in Nunungan received an egg machine, chicken cage, and 6 bags of grower and layer feeds as part of…

Matungao LGU conducts groundbreaking for Php 1.5M SAAD demo-farm

LANAO DEL NORTE, July 20, 2020 – The Local Government Unit (LGU) of Matungao, through its Municipal Agricultural Services Office (MASO), conducted a groundbreaking ceremony to commence the establishment of…

SAAD Region 10 farmers gear up for COVID-19 crisis, adopt DA’s Plant, Plant, Plant Program

MATUNGAO, LANAO DEL NORTE, May 15, 2020. The adversities of the COVID-19 pandemic call for proactive countermeasures. Self-sufficiency and self-reliance are keys in this time of crisis. The Special Area…

Munai farmers granted Php 5.1M worth of farm machineries from SAAD

LANAO DEL NORTE, May 11, 2020 - The Department of Agriculture - Regional Field Office 10 (DA-RFO 10) through its Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program turned-over Php 5.1…

SAAD delivers 74 upgraded cattle and vegetable inputs to Linamon farmers

LANAO DEL NORTE, May 7 - 8, 2020 -  The Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program of the Department of Agriculture (DA) in Region 10 delivered 74 upgraded cattle…

BFAR 10 distributes 13k bangus and tilapia fingerlings for SAAD Program

REGION 10, April 21-24, 2020 – The Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) Program of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) Region 10 distributed tilapia and bangus fingerlings…

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte
Republic of the Philippines

William D. Dar, Ph. D.
Secretary, Department of Agriculture

Myer G. Mula, Ph. D.
Program Director


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