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Kapai Bubong Marawi Piagapo Lumbatan Bayang
Region: ARMM
General Description: Lanao Del Sur is a province that occupies the extensive plateau of North Central Mindanao and western portion of Northern Mindanao. It surrounds the basin of lake lanao , the second largest and deepest in the country . Its water drained by the Agus River which eventually empties into the Iligan Bay. The province of Bukidnon bounds it on the east , on the south of it is Maguindanao and North Cotabato, on the west is Illana bay and on the northwest is the province of Lanao Del Norte. Rolling hills and valleys , a placid lake and river dominate the landscape. It is the land of the Maranaos, the most devout of  Muslim tribes as well as the most artistic.
Total Land Area: 13, 754.24 sq. km.
Topography: 60% rolling and 40% plain
Cities: 1 city (Marawi City)
Municipalities: 39 Municipalities
Barangays: 1,159 Barangays
Districts: 2 Congressional Districts
Climate: The province has a cool and pleasant climate that falls dominantly under Type F, which is distinguished by an even distribution of rainfall throughout the year . The thick and lush forest surrounding the province a natural shield against typhoons and floods. Lying hundreds of meters below  sea level, the province has a cool temperature , which dwindles between 16.0 to 22.0   ̊C adding to its tourism potential during summers. The lowest recorded tempearture was 12   ̊C . Mostly sunndy days can be expected from March-May. Monsoon rains usually begin around the mid of June and last until mid-to-late of October . November to February is cold months.During these months, four to five days of awfully cold weather are often followed by a few warmer days.
Demographic Profile
Total Population: 1,045,429
Ethnicity: Maranao, Maguindanao, Tausug, Yakan
No. of Households: 160,132
Local Dialect/s: Maranao Dialect, Tagalog, Cebuano, Chavacano, Filipino, English, Arabic
Poverty Incidence among families: 66.30%
Magnitude of Poor (families): 109,258
Annual per capita poverty threshold (in pesos) P22,802
Agriculture Profile:
Land Area Devoted for Agriculture: 140,111 hectares
Major Crops : Palay (59,220 ha.) -164, 117 Metric Tons harvested
Corn (103,293 ha.) – 232,513 Metric Tons harvested
Coconut (46,381 ha.) – 177,145 Metric Tons harvested
Mango (43 ha.) –  113 Metric Tons harvested
Banana (5, 322 ha.) – 108,777 Metric Tons harvested
Major Livestock: Carabao – 18, 395 heads
Cattle- 18, 032 heads
Chicken- 875, 400 heads
Duck- 16, 738 heads
Goat- 65, 500 heads
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