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Municipality name: Pagayawan
General Description: Pagayawan is a fifth class municipality and is one of the twenty two (22)  municipalities under district II of Lanao Del Sur. It is originally known as Tatarikun and is created on June 22,1963 under Executive Order No. 42. Pagayawan is an upland community composing the 18 barangays that covers the total land area of 21,800 hectares .The climatic condition falls under the 4th climatic type of the Corona System  of the Philippines. Rainy season falls during the months of June, July, August and September and dry season occurs during the months of February, March and April of every year.
Total Number of SAAD Beneficiaries:
2017 104 Beneficiaries
 Land Area (in ha): 21,800 Hectares
Average Annual Income (in Php): 5th Class  – P 15 M or more but less than P 25 M
Identified SAAD Interventions and Location (Barangay Level):
Year (2017 – 2018) Intervention/s Location Number of beneficiaries
2017 OPV white corn Barangay Linindingan, Bangon and Ngingir-bubong 104 beneficiaries
Ammonium Phosphate
Complete Fertilizer
Agri-Product Shed
Solar Dryer
Native Chicken
Vegetables seeds
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